Time to die or at least try…  He he he…

I got a bunch of requests last week to do a barbell complex for this week’s Thursday Throwdown so I delivered for you!

Now it’s time for YOU TO DELIVER!  Hit this up and post your results below.

How heavy can you go (without dying of course 😉 )


Make sure you ALWAYS use good form and technique!  Don’t EVER risk injury by doing too much weight in which you can’t handle.  It’s great to push yourself a bit but you’ve always got to assess the RISK VS REWARD factor.

Many times, it’s just not worth it!

With that being said, here’s this week’s Thursday Throwdown!

10 Rounds – Try To Go Up In Weight Each Round Until You Can’t Go Any Heavier….


1A) Barbell Complex:

a) Deadlift x 3

b) Back Squat x 2

c) Push Jerk / Press x 1

The beauty of the complex is the fact that YOU are responsible for getting the barbell into position for the squats and the press.  Adjust your weight accordingly.  More than likely you’ll have to go with your 2-3RM push press weight or lower.

I first went with 205 for 3 rounds then started bumping it up. My presses felt great but I started to fatigue.  I pushed through it and finished with 255.  Not bad….

To get your overall score, you’ll take the TOTAL weight added up through all 10 rounds then divide that by YOUR bodyweight…

My Score = 12.9

Not sure if that’s good or not but that’s how I’m scoring it!

Let’s see what your results are.   Get after it and post em up below or on my Facebook Fanpage

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!
PS – Will be taking more request for next week’s Thursday Throwdown on the Fanpage!