One of my favorite full body movements is the Turkish Get Up.

If you’re not sure what The Turkish Get Up is, here’s a quick video:


For this week’s Thursday Throwdown, I wanted to focus in on this great movement and many of it’s variations!

For starters, the Turkish Get Up hits just about every muscle in your body from head to toe. 

If you’ve ever done it, you would know what I mean.

You’re hitting your shoulders, chest, core, hips, and legs.

It’s not all about overall strength with The Turkish Get Up as it with about mobility.  This movement requires you to be very strong through your midline but, also at the same time you need to be fairly mobile within your hips to even complete it.

The reason most people fail when it comes to doing The Turkish Get Up is because they lack mobility and stability in the hips and overall core. 

This is an issue for too many people!  Not only for being able to do The Turksih Get Up but, for doing other essential movements as well.  It’s super important you get your hips mobile just because of the fact of being mobile.  If your not mobile, you slow, stiff, and WEAK!

Here’s another video with a mobility routine I’ve used since way back in college to help improve my hip and hamstring mobility. I know it will help you as well…


Another important thing to do to help improve hip mobility would be to Foam Roll BEFORE and AFTER training sessions

More mobile hips means more ability for you to gain strength and build muscle!   Make it happen….

Now, for this Thursday Throwdown, we’re going to hit up The Turkish Get Up Medley.

I have 5 different variations of The Turkish Get Up lined up in a row.  From there what you do is hit each variaiton using a ladder style rep scheme starting at 1 going up to 5:

1A) Barbell TGU – Heavy – 1 rep per side

1B) Sandbag TGU – Heavy / Moderate – 2 reps per side

1C) Dumbbell TGU – Moderate – 3 reps per side

1D) Kettlebell TGU – Moderate – 4 reps per side

1E) Bodyweight TGU  – 5 reps per side.


You’ll put 12 minutes on the clock and hit this up!  Get through The Turksih Get up Ladder as many times as possible starting at 1A going to 1E then back down the ladder!

I actually didn’t even make it up and down the ladder in time!  It took me 20:43 secs to get all the way through!

My abs are already feeling it!


Live Aggressive and Get Strong!