I get this question a lot…

“Travis, what do you eat?”

I eat fairly normal.

Nothing crazy strict or fancy.

Just the good stuff.

But, it’s not all about WHAT I eat.

It’s all in the HOW.

Or more specifically, HOW MUCH.

How much I eat is the key.


This is the #1 factor for when it comes down to shredding fat, building muscle, increasing energy, or improving your performance…

You have to fuel yourself specific to your goal.

So, if you want to shred fat, you have to fuel yourself in accordance to that in regards to QUANTITY.

While the QUALITY of food you eat matters, it’s NOT the most important factor.


For example…

If you want to shred fat and get lean, you can eat as CLEAN as you want, but if you’re overeating or severely under eating, you’ll be screwed.

Doesn’t matter if everything you eat is of the highest quality, your ENERGY balance is the main thing that matters most.

Just think for a second…

If you’re one of those guys who eats super clean all week but still never loses any weight or sees any change in your body comp, chances are you’re NOT eating the right amount of food for you.

Setting up your specific QUANTITY is key.

One problem is, it’s not always an easy set up.

Everyone is different.

This is where a lot of guys need more in-depth and direct customization and help.

Cool thing is, one you get yourself set up with the right QUANTITY for you, then it just become a game of HITTING that QUANTITY consistently.

So let me share with you MY QUANTITY and HOW I hit that quantity every single day…

First, here’s my personal MACROS


My targets are 210/465/85.

I only focus in on the MACROS, not the calories.

Hitting my macros will effectively get me to my calorie goals for the day.

As you might see, I’m on a 95 day streak of tracking.

I took a lot of days off in Jan then got started up strong.

Now it’s a habit I do every day without even thinking…

In any case, starting with the QUANTITY, I now know HOW MUCH I can eat over the curse of the day.

I could A) eat anything I want to hit those numbers (classic IIFYM) OR B) focus in on QUALITY foods while hitting those numbers.

I focus in on B) 90% of the time.

Sometimes I eat whatever I want.

Either way, hitting my NUMBERS is what’s most important.

Let’s look at Breakfast…


As you can see, I enjoyed a nice Bagel.

A guy tried to tell me the other day Bagels will make you FAT.

I laughed…

For Lunch…


“Eat Fit Go” is a meal prep company in town that I use often.

Makes things super easy for when you’re on the go.

Lots of guys try to tell me they can’t track their food or make solid quality food choices because they’re always on the go and so “BUSY”.


Meal prep is the key to eliminating that issue.

Let’s look at DINNER, my favorite meal of the day…


Ever hear of the ol’ “Don’t Eat Carbs After 8pm or you’ll get FAT” myth?

If that was true, I’d be a FAT mo fo.

I like to backload most of my carbs towards the end of the day.

There’s a lot of benefits to that but REMEMBER, the thing that matters MOST is QUANTITY.

Not when you eat, but HOW much you eat.

To round out the day, this is where it gets FUN.

After tracking my Dinner, Lunch, and Breakfast, I was left with 19 grams of Protein, 39 grams of Carbs, and 9 grams of Fat.

So, it then becomes a game of “Food Tetris”.

What I always do is start entering in a food I’d like to eat and see how it lines up with my MACROS for the day.

You can start to get creative so you hit your numbers spot on.

I was a wee-bit, off but I managed to hit my numbers easily.

Here’s what I had for a night-capper snack…


One of my favorite go-to’s…

Protein on top of a rice cake.


What I do is mix the protein with just enough water to make it a thicker, pudding-like mixture.

Then I spread it onto a rice cake.

It’s the BOMB.

Either way, as you can see, I pretty much HIT my MACROS almost spot on.

I always try to be at least +/- 5 grams on my Carbs and Proteins and +/- 3 grams on my Fats.

I don’t strive for perfection, I strive to be CLOSE within those boundaries.

And this is what I do EVERYDAY.

Eat the foods I want, track them, and hit my MACROS.

Now, I’ll be honest with you…

When I first started doing this it was tough.

It was confusing and it felt like a tedious chore to measure my food out and track everything day to day.

But, that’s how it goes for anything you do at the start that’s new to you.

After a while, it gets EASY.

Now it takes me maybe 5, sometimes 10 mins a day to track my food.

The results are WORTH it.

Hopefully this shreds some light on what you can do to get yourself the RESULTS you want.


And if it’s something you want and need some help on, this is exactly what I teach my fellow DADS inside of the Forged FATHER Project.

If you have any specific questions about NUTRITION, feel free to drop a comment below or reach out.

I’m here to help 👊🏻