Back on Jan 3oth, I launched the first official 28 Day Beast Transformation Challenge.

This was limited the fast action takers who had just invested into my 28 Day Athletic Muscle Formula.

I developed this 28 Day challenge not only to build up some major motivation for the people doing the 28 Day AMF, but to also keep people honest and committed to their plan.

You see, the problem most people have when it comes down to starting a new program is the lack of dedication and overall follow though they have when it comes to sticking with the program all the way to the end.

It’s EASY to start a new flashy program, but the hard part is staying on board until the end.  This is where the REAL results set in…

With the amount of information and training programs available pretty much everywhere you turn these days, it’s easy to get distracted and overwhelmed.

It takes a lot of commitment and dedication to see a program all the way to the end and I give all of the people that submitted their before and after pics and stories a TON of credit for sticking with it.

On another important note…  It takes a lot of guts and balls of steel to send in before and after pics!

Not a lot of people are willing to put their ass on the line when it comes to doing things like this and for that, I tip my hat to each and every badass that submitted their final results!

I also want to express my overall amount of RESPECT and APPRECIATION to these people as well!

Now, this is where I need YOU…

The brave souls that submitted their before and after photos plus transformation stories are posted below and I need your help to determine who will be winning the $250 28 Day BEAST Transformation Challenge Prize!

Please help me out by posting up in the comments for WHO you feel should WIN.  Don’t just base this off of the BEFORE/AFTER photos…  Watch their videos and read their stories…

So without further ado, here are the finalists…

1) BILL P.

Bill’s story…

Wow! What a great month! I have truly enjoyed the suffering. I am quite confident that there are challengers who probably have much more exciting photos or videos, but I have to tell you, I don’t care. I’m thrilled with my results.
When I started the challenge I weighed 260lbs. and wasn’t doing much to lose any weight or make myself stronger. In just 28 days both things have happened. When I weighed this morning, I was down 20lbs. to 240lbs. I also went from doing cleans with 145lbs. to cleans with 245lbs. in just a few weeks. I also feel faster and have had numerous people comment on how I look like a “weight lifter.” Though I didn’t take any measurements before or after, I can tell you that I dropped down two notches on my belt. More importantly, I feel great! I’m taking tomorrow off, then I’m going to hit it hard again. Anyone who asks will be sent to your 28 Day AMF program  for help.

Thanks, Man!!!


2) Dick L.

28 day athletic muscle formula

Dick’s Story:

In this month, I feel I am way more strong, I really enjoy it .

My before pounds is 75 kgs and body fat is 23%

My after pounds is 78 kgs and body fat is 16%
I lost 7% body fat in the 4 weeks
I know I have more chance to improve and I will keep working hard.
Thanks your program!  
Thanks Dick
3) Daniel G.
28 day athletic muscle formula
What is up Travis,Here is my testimonial on youtube and my before and after pictures in the attached document.  I have to say man you have shown me a new template to eating and working out.  I am not satisfied with the results I got, but I am happy that I found a path that will lead me to my results.– going to continue the diet structure
– keep the active rest, sprint days
– going to continue your Bags Bells and Bodyweight ProgramI have been looking for something to give me this understanding of how I should go about my diet and workouts.  These little changes definitely will get me the body I want and the athletic capabilities I want.

Ok man, thanks for coming out with this program and keep doing what you do.
4) Marcus A.
That sh*t was brutal. Physically and mentally. I appreciate all the work you put into developing the program.  This is a “for serious inquiries only” program.
If someone wants to get their sh*t together fast, whether its getting in the best shape of your life or adapting Travis training mentality and applying it to anything you do, then I recommend the 28 Day AMF!
I will continue to live aggressive and go h.a.m. everyday!


5) John C.

You see unlike most I am also 42 and I do not recuperate like Travis or someone younger than me but I do not use that as an excuse. So far the last 28 days I have been busting my butt doing Travis’s AMF program with IF fasting I think I have made some very good improvements when I take my pictures tomorrow I will be able to tell. I will take a deload week.   90 percent of the time I am alone in this gym today I had people there but that was not going to stop me at all. One benefit of having hearing loss is that I take the implant off so I don’t hear anyone at all. I just get in the zone.


6) Tyler F.


28 day athletic muscle formula


7) Aleece O.

28 day athletic muscle formula

Aleece’s Story:

I have found the missing link! Thanks to Travis Stoetzel and his amazing 28 Day Athletic Muscle Challenge  While Iʼm not new to training with weights and cardio, this level of training definitely challenged me. I was used to the stagnant weight lifting of one body part…followed by 30-40 minutes of cardio on a treadmill. But this method of training was always slow to results and easy to just “go through the motions” on days I wasnʼt fully engaged.

I hope my testimonial is an inspiration for all…especially women. I am 41 years old. I was never the skinny kid—yeah I was 9 pounds at birth. Although I danced most of my life, I neither played sports nor was I a runner. I have always had to watch what I ate because I can gain it easily. Those darn Italian genes LOL! I have competed in fitness shows but it is a 16 week slow and long process for me. Itʼs been two years since my last competition. And I wasnʼt fan of the way I looked or felt since I was out of the competition mode.

What challenged me with Travisʼ program were three things:

1) Complex whole body movements
2) High intensity training
3) Mandatory before and after photos. (Grrr to the before photos!!!)

The idea of going balls to the wall training both intimidated yet excited me at the same time. I loved seeing the intensity this program offered and trying things I had never done before. And those dreaded photos? That was the kick in the ass—and my rather large ass– that I needed! Holidays, stresses, excuses had all contributed to me being out of shape again. Yes, I had let the pounds creep upon my body like a tiger sneaks upon a buffalo. And once I saw those before photos, I knew I needed to kick it into high gear. Yep, my body looked like the buffalo.

Day 1 began and I was ready to go with my checklist in hand. Five minute warm ups…ok I can do this…or so I thought. Those mountain climbers! Good thing I wasnʼt on a real mountain because I would have fallen off the cliff. I could barely do 5 seconds of mountain climbers…and I still had the workout to go. Yet, all I could see in my mind were Travisʼ words…”Go H.A.M.,” “Donʼt Be Lazy” “No Excuses,” and of course the Nicki Minaj rumpus images of myself swirling in my head. No quitting now! So I restarted and did another 5 seconds of mountain climbers. I restarted and told myself to add another 2 seconds to it. I finally got through the warm ups…now onto the workout.

Letʼs just say I wasnʼt a fan of Travis at this point–that meant this program must be doing something right! Those burpees were even harder than the mountain climbers. I was lucky to get 3 in a row done…and I had still had 5 sets of 5 to do…oh yeah E.M.O.T.M.!!! What had I gotten myself into? Well thatʼs the irony. Once I finished Day 1, I realized I had just accomplished the hardest training I had ever been through. Yet at the same time, I felt like I had gone to gym with a purpose and without wasting any time. Even though it was a challenge, I knew I wanted more. So my mental focus also began to shift.

By the time week 2 rolled along, the warm ups were no problem. I couldnʼt believe it! No stopping in between. In fact, warm ups are now my favorite thing to do! It instantly energized me for each dayʼs workout. I couldnʼt believe the gains in physical strengths that I made as well. And those burpees were now better too.

As I progressed through the 28 days, I realized that each day, I was stronger than before. The gains in physical strength astounded me because of how quickly it came about. For example, I went from benching a pre-loaded 30-pound barbell to benching a real barbell with 25 pounds on each side (and looking forward to continue to add). Yeah…I got to finally put my own plates on! For someone who has never bench pressed, I felt pretty darn hardcore. I could also crank out those burpees as if I was born to do this!

The nutrition plan was easy to follow and made sense. Once I was able to go through the low carb cycles, my body adjusted. I also think my mind was more motivated to stay on track because of the results I was saw and felt.

So hereʼs why I love this new way of training:

1) Thereʼs no going through the motions like I could on stagnant weight lifting.
2) Every day was something thing different. I liked the variety.
3) My mental focus shifted from “Can I do this?” to “This I can do!”
4) Charting my progress in writing amped me up to beat old records.
5) My clothes were getting loose!!!
6) I honestly enjoy this type of workout…no monotony meant no boredom with workouts.
7) I have to repeat…I do love that warm ups!
8) I found that high intensity mixed with complex strength moves works best for my bodytype.
9) I enjoyed the meal plans. I am now a huge fan of quinoa!!
10) I found the energy and stamina that I thought only existed back in my 20s.

So whatʼs next for me? Well, first, I am a convert to this new way of training. No more going back to one bodypart way of training. Second, this training has cemented my decision to compete again in October. Itʼs been two years and there is no stopping me now! Third, I like knowing I can go H.A.M.! Itʼs fun for me to say now that I can back it up. Fourth, this is only the beginning! More strength, fat loss, and cuts to come. There is only the beginning! I am transitioning from the lard buffalo to the lean tiger!

I canʼt wait to take more photos in another 4 weeks!


So there you have it!

The finalist for the 28 Day BEAST Transformation Challenge!

Please help me out and post up your thoughts and comments below and tell me who should win!

They all went 110% H.A.M. but there can only be ONE overall winner!

Thanks for you help!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!