So it’s so-called “flu” season.

The bug is going around and it seems to be affecting everyone.

Have you gotten sick yet?

Did you get the flu shot?

The other day one of my clients asked me if I had gone to get my flu shot yet and I said, “Nope”.

He looked at me like I was nuts.

I didn’t last year nor did I the year before.

What’s funny is I haven’t got sick yet (knock on wood!).

I can’t remember when I got sick last other then from getting food poisoning (that was terrible).

Now what’s interesting is that most everyone that’s missed sessions in my gym due to the flu has been in to get their flu shot and they’ve still been getting sick.

Shoot, one of my athletes has been sick twice and this was AFTER he went to get the shot.

Is it because of the flu shot itself or is it due to something else?

I’m one to believe that the only way to get and stay healthy is the natural way.

Why should we have to resort to a shot or worse, a bunch of quick-fix medications and pills to fight sickness?

That’s what the world has come to though…

Quick fixes via shots and pills…

Why not do it the ol’ fashioned way and EAT RIGHT, drink plenty of fluids, train hard and treat your body well by getting enough sleep.

Now, before I go into what I’ve been doing to help myself stay flu-free thus far, I want to touch on the subject of training and being sick.

After you watch that, check out this video below where I reveal my “Magic Potion Drink” which has helped me fight the flu (it’s not just the drink, but it helps!)

Here’s what I recommend you take to help keep yourself healthy:

  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (I use Braggs) – take a small sip at every meal and when you feel crappy – a small swig before bed helps too
  • Organic Lemon Juice
  • Athletic Greens – Greens Drink (for pre OR post workout)
  • Athletic Greens Vitamin D
  • Athletic Greens Omega 3
  • ***I HIGHLY recommend the Trinity Stack (Includes – Vitamin D + Omega 3 + Athletic Greens)
  • Dr. Broc’s Greens Drink (mix in water and sip on it for all day use)

IMPORTANT NOTE: As I stated within in the video, supplements are NOT quick fixes – their only aids – NOT CURES.

What I recommend will work wonders as long as you eat right, get enough sleep, train hard consistently, and stay hydrated.

In conjunction to that, I feel it’s CRITICAL to keep a strong MINDSET. 

Do NOT even allow yourself to think “I’m getting sick”.  Doing so will only put you at more risk of actually getting sick.

It sounds crazy, but this is the POWER of the mind.  Tell yourself that your INDESTRUCTIBLE  and you will be.

Trust me – A STRONG mind helps 😉

The bottom line is this:  if you eat like sh*t, don’t sleep much, and treat your body like crap, you’ll see very little to no benefit from taking any type of supplement.

Hope this helps you stay a bit healthier and free of sickness, but nothing is ever guaranteed 😉

Thoughts and Comments?  Drop em below!

Live and Train Aggressive!

PS – If you can get this shipped to you, I’d load up and have at least one serving a day…