“100 Yards to Gold”

That’s the name of the little challenge I did in the video below.

For those of you crazy mo fo’s that follow this blog, you would already know what I’m talking about as I CHALLENGED you all to hit this up the other day!

It’s a quick but tough little challenge.  One for real GO-GETTER ONLY!

Most people have already come up with EXCUSES as to why they can’t try this one out…

…. I don’t have a kettlebell (you can easily use a DUMBBELL)

…. I don’t have a 100 yard field (nor did I)

…. I don’t have time ( I had VERY little)

…. I don’t want to FAIL (I FAIL ALL THE TIME!)

You know the thought of FAILURE is one of the most powerful forms of negative influences there is in the world!

You can’t let it run your life!

I would rather FAIL 100,000,000 times over than NOT TRY ONCE!

The odds are, in just one of the 100,000,000 tries, you’re either going to LEARN something or possibly even be successful.

Guess how much you’ll learn or even give yourself a chance to WIN when you DON’T try???


I thought I would do a quick rambling there for you!  Just some stuff for you to THINK about…

Anyways, here’s the challenge I hit below!

I took this out of The Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight Training System.  This is the Phase #9 Challenge Workout…


For time, do the following circuit:

100 yard Sprint

15 Kettlebell High Pulls

100 yard Sprint

10 Kettlebell Swings

100 yard Sprint

***Note your time after you finish.

***As soon as you finish, rest for 3 mins

*** After 3 mins, REPEAT the circuit from above and try to beat your time.

***Your score is the difference between time 1 and time 2.  You are going for a NEGATIVE time.

I managed to hit a -2!

I was happy as I remember when I did this a while back, I got a +7!

9 second improvement!  NOT BAD!

SO there you go!  Another one from THE SYSTEM!

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This isn’t a marketing ploy either!  I’m really doing it!

In my mind, you’re either a LEADER, one who takes MASSIVE action and makes decisions for themselves…

A follower, one that does things based off of what others tell them to do, OR….

Just lazy and you don’t care about how you progress or get better…  You simply sit around waiting for things to happen…   Things WON’T happen when you just sit around.

It’s like I said in a earlier post…

You’re either in the game busting people up and making the plays OR you’re on the sidelines WISHING you were the one making the plays and busting peeps up…

Which are you???

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Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


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