Real quick before I get into today’s CHALLENGE post I wanted to let you know my SYSTEM, Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight is alive and kicking!  Lots of SERIOUS mo fo’s have grabbed it up and are rocking some of the workouts already!

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So I’m a big guy about challenges and incorporating some sort of challenge into your training.

When you do this you not only create  sense of COMPETITION but you also create an urge to push harder and with more intensity.

After all, if there was never a winner decided in sports, who would play??

Athletics and sports is about about COMPETING and being a COMPETITOR!

So to add to my system that I just released a few days ago, I placed 10 different “CHALLENGE WORKOUTS” within the program to push people to the next level.

These challenge workouts will not only help bring a little bit of personal competition to the mix but will also give people something to strive towards.


When you train for performance, you’ll tend to get all the benefits as an extra BONUS.

When you train to get stronger, faster, more explosive, and highly conditioned you not only achieve those things over time, you also achieve:


Who doesn’t want those benefits??

When you focus on training like an athlete and striving for PERSONAL performance, that’s what you’ll get!

Hence WHY I have different “CHALLENGE WORKOUTS” within my SYSTEM!

If you’re committed and serious about it, you’ll get better!

Now, it’s time to compete!


This is coming straight from Phase No. 9 and it called “100 Yards To Gold”

You will perform this circuit for time:

100 yard Sprint

15 Kettlebell High Pulls

100 yard Sprint

15 Kettlebell Swings

100 yard Sprint

Record your time when done and give yourself exactly a 3 minute rest and then repeat the circuit again.

Your score is the difference between your first time and second time.  You’re shooting for a NEGATIVE score.

***You don’t have to sprint a straight 100 yards.  You could break it up into smaller distances if you need to, say 20 yards but it must equal 100 yards total.

***Note how much weight you use for the high pulls and swings.


It’s short but sweet!  When it’s shorter, it’s about INTENSITY!

I’m really looking towards some good times!

It’s been a while since I did this challenge BUT I’ll be hitting it up a little later as well!

When I do, I’ll be posting up a video!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Comment in with your score when you hit this workout!

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