We’ll, the day has finally come!

I finished my system and I’ve officially opened it up to the world!

Before, it was just for my SERIOUS athletes and clients.  Now, it’s for anyone who is ready and willing to take on the challenge!

Let’s back up for a second.  I didn’t mean to say “anyone”.  What I meant to say was “for people that love to TRAIN hard and have a PASSION for training in general!”

I don’t want people who give up easy grabbing up this program to only quit a few weeks later!

I want people that are willing to stick to it and COMMIT to a plan!

That’s where the REAL results come in!  From PERSISTENCE, DETERMINATION, and a NO QUIT, NO EXCUSES ATTITUDE!

That’s what it will take to go through my program!

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or just a SERIOUS weekend warrior type, this SYSTEM will help you out for sure!

But, as stated above, you must be willing to WORK for it!

No quick fixes or easy rides here!

I’m about HARD WORK and TRUE GRIT!

And I know if you’re on this site right now, you’re all about that too!

So, without further adu, let’s go over some of the major points about my “SYSTEM”

It’s entitled – The Bags Bells and Bodyweight Training System.  It involves a mixed blend of kettlebell, sandbag, and bodyweight movements.

It’s awesome at building more muscle, power, and conditioning in an athletic way!

It’s broken down into 10 different Phases that last 3-4 weeks a piece all depending on how you progress.

Each phase is different and has a special “CHALLENGE WORKOUT” that you’ll perform twice, once at the start of the phase and then again at the end.  It’s all designed to keep you progressing forward and challenging you to get better!

As far as the workouts themselves go, they are BRUTAL!  There’s lots of different types of set ups.  One of my favorite and probably one of the most grueling, is the complex series.  Below, I posted up a video I recently did doing a wicked sandbag complex from one of the Phases.

This is 5 movements x 1 rep a peice for 5 total rounds around.  Do this for 6 total sets….


That’s just another example of the type of training sessions you can expect from The Bags Bells and Bodyweight Training System!

On top of just the main manual, there’s a TON of extra goodies I giving away as well!

Bonuses if you will…  If you want to find out more about what I’m practically giving away, go check it out at:  BagsBellsandBodyweight.com

The whole system is on sale until this Friday then the price is going up!

I want to make sure all the FAST ACTION TAKERS get this for cheap!  When you take action, there’s always some sort of REWARD!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – I only want the “WORK HORSE” out there getting in on this stuff!

If you’re a “WORK HORSE” and you wanna really crank your training up to the next level, this is it!

You’ll not only be doing this yourself, I’ll be there right with ya!  I make sure you succeed!

I’m building an IRON ARMY of HARDCORE Mo Fo’s that wanna train against the grain!

Find out more….