So, in the past, when it came to doing a weekly Hardcore Hundred, usually there’s 100 reps involved.


Well this week is a little bit different.

This week you’ll have to EARN your 100 REPS!

I challenge YOU to see if you can somehow, someway fit in 100 reps into this weeks Hardcore Hundred.

I’ve got a Tabata Challenge for you.


A) Full Overhead Kettlebell Swing

B) Full Chest to Deck Burpee

20 seconds of work with 10 secs of rest for 8 total rounds.

If you do the math, you’ll have to get in at least 12 or 13 reps each round.  You’ve got to fly!

Try you’re best to keep your form tight and technique solid.  NEVER sacrifice good technique for more reps.  You can be the judge on mine.

Here it is….  Tabata Challenge


The first attempt, I fell short.  The second attempt, I got closer but didn’t quite make it there!

I’ll get it sooner or later!  It’s like I always say….  KEEP GETTING BETTER!   YOU’RE NEVER GOOD ENOUGH!

The important thing to keep in mind here is when you set your goal high, especially for a Tabata type workout, you’ll assure you’re going all out!

Tabata are meant to be attacked with 100% effort each round!  The problem is people don’t do FULL THROTTLE each round.  They dog the first few then get after the last couple rounds.

A “true” tabata is when you got BALLS TO THE FREAKIN’ WALL every set!  100% INTENSITY for the whole round!

Dan John explains the Tabata Protocol very well in this article HERE.  Front squats and thrusters would probably be the best choice and the most BRUTAL.  Not for this particular Hardcore Hundred though…

What’s sad is a lot of people get this wrong and fail to utilize tabatas to their full potential.

Keep that in mind next time you do a TABATA…

I’m real interested in how some of you out there can do!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!

Leave your comments and results below!