Today, we tore into some more serious sandbag training and more bodyweight.

I’ve been recently training along side one of my wrestlers that trains at my gym.

This guy is a complete beast!  There’s not many people out there quite like him.

He’s a three time national champ and now he’s set on making it onto the Olympic US Wrestling team!

Ill be pushing him as I know he’ll be pushing me to the limit at the same time!

Most of the time, I train on my own, but recently, it’s been good to train with someone else.

It’s IMPORTANT to have a solid workout partner! I’m fortunate enough to also have my biz partner and fellow gym owner, Joe Chizek as another solid training partner from time to time as well!

The people that train in our gym, know the importance of training hard and pushing the envelope everytime they train.   Its no holds barred every session!


So, for your viewing pleasure,  I flipped camed the whole workout Todd and I did to show the intensity of these types of workouts.

Below is another full body attack using sandbag training mixed in with kettlebells, and bodyweight.

Three lethal forms of training that all serious athletes and trainees need to be highly focused in on utilizing.

When you properly combine these forms of training together, you create a brutal mix of strength, power, and conditioning!

Whether you’re an athlete or not, you’ll find great benefits from training this way using these tools!

Check out the highlights below!


1A) 15/30 All Outs x 8 rounds

a) Vert Jumps

b) Ice Skaters

2A) Sandbag Shouldering 2 Reps / 20 secs x 5 mins

3A) Kettlebell Complex 3 x 5-8/ arm

a) Bottoms Up Press OR Press

b) Bent Row

c) Swing

4A) HEAVY Sled Drags 4 x 50 yards

Live Aggressive Get Strong!


PS – For those of you put there SERIOUS about your training, Ill be unleashing the whole system on how to train with Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight very soon!

Sandbag training at it’s finest mixed in with kettlebells, and crazy bodyweight movements is sure to get you ripped, strong, and highly athletic!