Is it just simply thinking more like a warrior?

Having a POSITIVE attitude?footer

Or is it just about flipping a switch inside your brain to be “TOUGH”??

In this special MINDSET edition of 110 HAM Radio I’ve got a awesome guest who’s the man for when it comes to TRUE Mental Toughness Training.

His name is Riley Holland of Neuromuscular Release Work and in this episode of 110 HAM Radio we dig deep into what real Mental Toughness is plus talk about how you can actually train to build it.

Get ready for some awesome information.

Check it out:


In this 110 HAM Radio episode you’ll discover:

  • What’s the true SCIENCE is behind mental toughness training?
  • How to apply a tougher mindset for more SUCCESS
  • What’s the definition of being mentally tough?
  • How COMPETITION can bring out the best and worst in us all
  • What you need to do to become more mentally tough (and this isn’t about just “thinking tougher” either)
  • Is visualization really all that important and if it is, how should you properly do it for most effect?
  • Can mental toughness be a quick fix or does it take time?  Is there a “switch” inside our brains that we can simply flip?
  • Are some people just born with a STRONG mindset or no?
  • Plus more!

After you listen to this episode make sure to drop any thoughts and comments below!

ALSO, if you’re ready to discover just how to build a stronger mindset so you can be more DOMINANT both in and out of the gym, make sure to download Riley’s FREE report, The Science of Mental Toughness“.

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