Just a few weeks back I got a personal message on my Facebook.

It was from a guy named Jason Phillips.img_76041232867594

At the time I didn’t know a ton about Jason, but as I did a little bit of research, turns out this guy is somewhat of a big deal.

When I connected with JP over the phone a bit more that’s when I said I had to get this guy onto the 110HAM Radio Show.

And so here we are now…

In this NEW Episode of 110HAM Radio You’ll discover:

  • If LOW CARB dieting is really the answer to getting leaner and performing better
  • If PALEO is actually hurting you or helping you
  • The low down on CARB BACKLOADING and if there’s any actual results to eating most of your carbs at night before you go to bed
  • “SHOW and GO” VS. Just “SHOW” Nutrition (Are there any differences between the two?)
  • Competition Day Eating and Nutrition Prep (this might be a shocker for many people)
  • Are Cals In VS. Cals Out that important??
  • If Intermittent Fasting is all the great or just a fluke?
  • Plus much more!

You’ll enjoy this one for sure!

Download The Mp3 Below:


Jason and I plan on doing some follow up episode on more NUTRITION topics. 

If you got questions, post them up below and we’ll cover them in our next one.


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