So today, I wanted to share a success story with you about
one of my coaching clients Jeff. 

As a coach, I can’t keep this stuff to myself! 

Jeff is a straight up BEAST…

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He’s earned the right to be called a BEAST as his work ethic and

consistent drive have pushed him to where he is today. 

I can’t be more proud of Jeff and his accomplishments up to this point
because it’s taken a lot to get him to where he is today. 

A lot of people tend to look at other people’s results or before/after’s and
overlook the fact that these people were once not even close to where
they are today.

People are quick to say, “I’ll never be able to do that”

That’s the WRONG way of thinking.

TRUTH is: We ALL have to start somewhere.

But it’s your final destination which matters most and the PROCESS (AKA

The Journey) of getting yourselves there is the BEST part.

With this, I wanted to share Jeff’s story with you.

He made it easy for me as he sent this in to the other day.

Read up and enjoy…

When I first began, I was struggling with my diet big time as well as my strength

gains. Every time I would cut calories I would lose strength and my performance

would suffer.  I was stuck as I wanted to get lean and also get stronger so I never

could seem to make progress.

When I first found out about Travis I was searching through youtube for some

good workouts as I  was mostly just doing random WODs and working in strength

training here and there… 

I really didn’t have a big method to all the madness I was doing.

So after I discovered Travis, I took the “leap” and joined up with his elite coaching


After that it was just about putting what Travis laid out for me into action. 

Since I started, my Olympic lifts have gone up dramatically… My snatch went from

165lbs to 205lbs and my clean and jerk went from 225lbs to 265lbs.

My body fat went from over 20% to around 10% in about 8 weeks!

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What I’ve enjoyed the most so far is the quick and constant feedback Travis

supply’s plus his motivation keep me rolling ahead.

It’s nice to have someone on your ass keeping you accountable and I think

between the programming and extra accountability is what has been to best out

of everything.

I’ve won my first two Olympic Lifting Meets and had a top ten finish in a local

fitness comp since coaching with Travis.

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##Activate images To See##

 After all has been said and done up to this point, this has been the best decision
I’ve made concerning my overall fitness and training.

I recommend this to anyone that is struggling to take their results to the next

Even people who aren’t struggling I know Travis would be able to push them

110% For Life!

-Jeff S


WOW Is all I can truly say.

Like I mentioned above, Jeff is a BADASS!

He fires me up as he’s a perfect example of someone who’s TAKEN
ACTION and continued to forge ahead with his goals.

And this is just one of the many stories I could share…

I’ve got more, but I’ll save those to share at another time 😉

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Here’s to kicking ass and Going H.A.M.

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