B-Mac’s Story:

I stumbled on Travis’ UBB 2.0 through an advert on Facebook and assumed it was the usual “Next Greatest”….blah blah blah workout routine.  On further investigation and listening to Travis speak (very directly lol!) I decided to give it a try and so I began my journey.  My first impression of his work was amazement at the amount of detail and follow up that I got from just purchasing this one workout manual from him.  I was very impressed at how comprehensive the entire package was and how he kept me motivated.

As I began working my way through the workouts, I loved the programming and exercise selection.  I was learning new exercises and working my body in ways I never had before.  I had come from the typical bodybuilding background and to me I was training hard, (6 days a week, 2 times a day on 3 of those and 1 rest day), eating right (or so I thought!) My diet consisted of oats, eggs, chicken, rice, broccoli and steak….. Yet I wasn’t making the progress that I wanted and was becoming increasingly frustrated.

UBB 2.0 was a revelation to me, although this was not a new way of training… it was new to me and presented in a way that I understood, kept me accountable and which motivated me to want to do it.  After the first 6 weeks of training using the UBB2.0 system, I decided to go for the Elite Coaching Program.  Travis is very to the point and cuts through all the bullshit in the industry, but he does not force you into buying anything, which I liked!  He keeps you updated about what he has going on but lets you make your own mind and is ALWAYS there to answer whatever questions you have.

Travis’ Elite Coaching has been great for me and I would recommend it to anyone beginner or advanced.  Everything is tailored to you and to begin with I thought it a little easy, but boy was I wrong!  I wanted so bad to get results that I was always pushing for more, but I’ve since learned that more is not always better…. Travis always would say, “BETTER is better”.  The programming and progression were just right for me.  At the beginning he sort of feels you out to see what you can do, then progressively pushes you harder and harder.  The structured rest and DELOAD weeks were hard for me to deal with at the beginning, but sticking with it I have seen the benefit of them.  I would have done my training and then added in extra cardio or conditioning, but to the detriment of my upcoming workouts.

I have gone from the skinny/fat wannabe bodybuilder to having a six pack for the last 8 months solid, all while learning new exercises, lifting more, moving faster and becoming more flexible.


Travis has taught me many things about nutrition, and pulled me out of all the typical holes that people fall into lol!  I take very little in the way of supplements now and I’m so much better for it.  I was taking protein shake after protein shake, creatine, glutamine, multi vitamins, pre workout mixes, post workout concoctions, bedtime protein….. I was even setting an alarm to get up in the middle of the night to take a shake!!  I was willing to try everything and I thought I was doing the right things, but yet I could hardly leave out the trash without being out of breath.

Now I eat right, train H.A.M, I rest hard and I supplement with Amino Acids, Greens and Omega 3’s…… thats it!  I train better, I can lift more, I sleep better and I can actually run without coughing up a lung…. which one sounds better.

In the beginning, I initially lost 12lbs of fat in the first 2 phases of the Elite Coaching with Travis and have since packed on 7lbs of lean mass, while still keeping my conditioning.  I am continuing to grow, both physically and mentally as we learn what works best for me, my body and my lifestyle.  My waist has went from 34” to 30”, my chest has went from 40” to 42” and even with all the conditioning and fat loss, my quads and arms have remained the same.

I was the guy who could squat and deadlift but couldn’t bench or overhead press for shit.  Now I can still squat and deadlift in more ways than I ever could, I can do presses, cleans, snatches, jerks, bar muscle ups, HSPU’s and sprints.  Altogether a lot more rounded!

As a result of my training with Travis, I feel a lot happier in myself!  That sounds like a cliche I know, but is that not what it’s all about!  Am I winning any competitions…. no not YET! Am I on the cover of any magazines…. no, but am I seeing the results of my hard work… for the first time ever YES!

I have always been a positive person and believe that positive things happen to positive people.  I have been always willing to work and have achieved many things that I’m truly grateful for, but I have always been disappointed in my physique, I never looked the way I wanted to.  I am not there yet but then who ever is?  What I can say is I am a lot closer than I was and I am more content in my approach.

Now, Travis has taught me to look at the bigger picture and not just focus on a particular lift in a particular workout.  It’s about listening to my body and ultimately my OVERALL progression.  Sometimes life does get in the way, it’s inevitable but it’s about not letting that negativity take over and creep in.

Enjoying life a little more and not being boxed in the gym for workouts.  I can get out on the mountain or the sea, or the park and still have great workout.

I’ve learned that resting is OK and necessary for progression and that I NEED to listen to my body.

Training is a lot more fun and even my kids are joining in, before I would have been yelling at them to get out of the gym because I was trying to train, but now it’s something I can enjoy with them and still hit my lifts and get my results.

So, am I where I want to be yet…. NO, but I’m working on it.

The important thing is this…

There are NO “magic pills” out there.

What Travis will do is teach you how to train in the best ways possible for you to get results, without sacrificing your health, but it will all take HARD WORK on your part.

As long as you’re willing to give it a 110% H.A.M. effort and commit to what Travis tells you to do, you will SUCCEED.

H.A.M. for LIFE!

-Brenden M