So since it’s a NEW YEAR I thought I would share a few different things for you to help you focus in on DOMINATING 2012.

I know that if you implement these ideas into your lifestyle, you’ll have a kickass 2012 no doubt!

So here we go…

1.  Have A Vision Board – I’m already huge on setting goals and keeping track of where I’ve come but this year, I’m gonna go nuts with a new Vision Board.

I’m going to have one at home for myself and my biz partner and I will also have another HUGE one at our gym for our clients.

A vision board can help you out in many ways…

1 – It will help remind you of what you’re working so hard to get

2 – It will keep your ass motivated.

Have a vision board up where other people will be able to see it.  Better yet, make it a point to SHOW other people your vision board.  If you’re ashamed to show it off, then you don’t want to achieve your goals that bad.

Get a big peg board and post up things that remind you of what it is you want to achieve.  These things can be pictures, quotes, anything that helps you VISUALIZE what it is you want most.

2.  Rotate Your Food Sources – One of the things I’m going to start doing more of this coming year is rotating my food sources.

It’s good to have a list of “go to” foods but you don’t want this list to be too small.  You want to have a lot of variety.

I noticed that I would get the sniffles every now and then when I would eat certain foods like chicken and eggs.  This can happen when you eat the same foods over and over for long periods of time.  Your body can create an allergic reaction to the food.

So to help combat my body from creating any allergic like symptoms from the foods I love to eat, I’ll be rotating in more varieties of food such as fresh caught fish, more turkey, deer / venison, grass fed beef, ect.

I already did this before, but I’m going to make it a point to eat a different type of protein at each meal.

It’ll be good to change it up a whole lot more as well!

3.  Hire A Coach – So you’re probably thinking, “I don’t need a coach!”  I know this because I too used to think this as well.

I never thought I would actually hire a coach because I felt confident enough within my own abilities to design workout programs and nutritional plans, but I’m not hiring my coach for these services in particular…

The bottom line is, I’m SOLD on the fact that everyone needs a coach.  In fact, as I mentioned above, I’ll be hiring my first ever coach for training / nutrition.

I’m hiring this coach for the mainly the nutritional aspect and to help stay accountable on my training.  I’ll still be designing my own training programs, but I’ll be checking in with my coach every week to stay on top of my nutrition.

This alone will help push me further beyond my limits and since I’m paying actual money to have a coach, I know I’ll stay a ton more accountable with my check in’s and routines.

It’s always a lot different when you have someone looking over your shoulder rather than when your own your own.

All the top athletes in the world have a coach.

Look at the top MMA fighters in the world.  Would they be able to succeed just on their own???

How about Olympic athletes???  While they are close to the BEST athletes in the world, they wouldn’t stand a chance without a coach…

Do you think Usain Bolt trains by himself??  Does Micheal Phelps do everything on his own???  I don’t think so…

My suggestion is to find a coach that you know knows their shit and will push you to the limit and not let you slip up.

You might consider my coaching program…  It went up in price, but that’s because my coaching program works and I’m nearly full…  As of now, I have 2 open spots.  CLICK HERE APPLY

4. Sprint First Thing – So I’m big on having sprints within your training program.

Always have been.  Their great for after workouts, on off days, and even before your workout.

Most people I talk with do their sprint AFTER they train.  This is fine, but if you just hit a heavy squat or deadlift session, your sprints won’t be too effective.

Instead of waiting until the end of your workouts to sprint (if you’re even sprinting), start hitting up 4-6 short, all out sprints BEFORE you train.

So 4-6 10-20 yard sprints after you warm up would work just fine.  This will help light up your central nervous system a bit more and get you all jacked up and ready to train 10x’s harder.  TRUST ME, it works…

If you’ve never done this yet, I would start doing it NOW.

And since these are just short 10-20 yard sprints, you can do these up to 3 days per week within your training and not really have to worry about over-training.  It’s just a good add-on to your warm up routine.  Plus, if you’re NOT currently sprinting, this is a great way to gradually add it into your program.

5. Alkalize Your Body With Lemons, GREENS, and Water For Breakfast – Now, in a previous article on my blog, I mentioned how it’s important to try and alkalize your body by taking in more greens.  Well, I’ve started to do this first thing in the AM to help with that…

I slam this first thing after waking up and I must say, it has a little bit of a bite to it, but it gets me going.  It’s good to get your day started off right and taking in a concoction like this will do just that.

The Athletic Greens are to help make sure I’m getting in all the “greens” I need for the day.  It’s my “Insurance Policy”.  The Lemon Juice, while being super bitter is great for alkalizing the body and of course, the water is essential.

If you really want to alkalize your body, I would suggest to take in this type of mixed drink later in the day as well.  It wouldn’t hurt.

6. Buy Organic – Spend Less on The Junk – Now I’ve become a HUGE believer in trying to eat as organic as possible.  it just makes sense.

I’m going to make it a point this year to eat as organic as I can when I can.  Even if it costs a little bit more $$$.  Truth is, I’m investing into my HEALTH each and every time I spend a few more bucks on organic food.

Most of the food out there now that’s not organic is so damn contaminated with different toxins, hormones, and what ever else you can think of that it is having an effect on your health later on down the road.

I’m not going to leave it to chance.

So instead of spending money of sh*t food, start buying up healthy organic food.  I guarantee you you’ll not only feel the difference, you’ll see the difference to.

So there’s just the first 6 of the 12 Things To DOMINATE 2012 with…

In a few days I’ll be back with the other six…

In the meantime, go ahead and let me know of some of the things YOU’LL be doing in 2012 to DOMINATE the year.  Post up your thoughts in the comments below! 

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!