When ever you set out to accomplish a goal, its always a smart idea to make sure and find out where you’re currently at.

Doing so will give you key information on where you’re currently weak, where you’re strong and most importantly, where you need to get to.

Since 2011 is almost in the books, I thought I would bring back the most popular Thursday Throwdown yet and have you hit it again.

Its time to attack the Bodyweight Guantlet!

If you don’t know what the Bodyweight Gauntlet is, check out or more info HERE or watch the video below…


Now, I’m going OLD SCHOOL with this week’s Throwdown  doing this for a few reasons…

1) To Break Records – if you hit the BWG already once before, its tine to step back up on the plate and destroy your score from the first time.

This will give you good feel for how you’ve been progressing or regressing…

It will also help create a roadmap for where u want to get to.

Youll be able to set new goals based off if your score.

2) Challenge – the problem with a lot of people is the sad fact that their not inspired when it cones to training.

People need reasons to train and when ever you create challenge or competition, that’s when you start to see the inspiration come out in people.

The BWG was designed not only to help serve as a benchmark workout, but it was also created as a challenge.

I want people to be inspired to train and when you have a certain score to hit, like within the BWG, you’ll be way more fired up to train to BREAK RECORDS then if you weren’t keeping score at all.

When you combine challenge with breaking records, you create competition.

I feel competition is a necessity in order to push yourself to the next level. Doesnt matter if its against other people or yourself, there must be some sort of competitive nature thats brought to the table each and every time you train.

The reason I love the BWG is because you’ve got to COMPETE each and every time you do it.

The biggest foe you must beat is none other than yourself!

So, take the Bodyweight Gauntlet Challenge and set a new record to beat for 2012.

Post up your results here in the comments or over on my fan page

I’m pumped to see your numbers!

Go H.AM. 

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!