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Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight

This is my 10 phase plan that I not only took myself through but had many of my athletes and serious clients go through as well that blends together 3 different types of hardcore training philosophies into the same program. Within this system you will build more strength, power, and muscle while shredding body fat by using a unique mix of different and challenging kettlebell, bodyweight, and sandbag workouts. It’s filled with off the wall challenges and workouts that will have you progressing like never before!

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Barbell Battlefield

Within this manual you discover over 30 of the craziest and most lethal barbell complexes ever created. Barbell Battlefield includes two 4 week muscle and strength building programs and in addition, supplies you with detailed pictures of each movement used within the manual. This is the perfect companion manual to The Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight Training System or for anyone that has a true desire to tear into barbells.

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Project: Mobile and Hostile

This is a unique training system that utilizes ONLY bodyweight movements to help BUILD EXPLOSIVE STRENGTH, MUSCLE, and UNREAL CONDITIONING! This manual is packed with 8 weeks of progressive and challenging bodyweight workouts! You DON’T need any fancy equipment or a lot of time to get BIG RESULTS!

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Iron Muscle – 12 Week Athletic Bodybuilding Program

This is my newest released program which is a full proof 12 week plan created to add slabs of ATHLETIC MUSCLE onto your frame through the strategic use of Athletic Isolation Training. IRON MUSCLE is PACKED with 12 weeks of unique athletic bodybuilding style workouts. These specific workout are geared to not only BUILD MUSCLE but, STRENGTH and POWER as well! IRON MUSCLE is made up of 4 different and highly unique “phases” that take you away from the boring, old bodybuilding training routines.

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