If you didn’t know, I’m kind of a comic book / super hero-super villain nut.  I grew up watching X-Men and collecting tons of comic books and cards.  I have stacks and boxes full of comics worth I don’t even know!

I have to be completely honest with you and let you now I have a raving fan that proclaims he’s a super hero.  He’s been sending me stuff in the mail and through email and I honestly do not know who he really is other then him being “Trey 3 Armstrong”…

He recently sent this blog post and I thought the info he had packed within it was pretty damn good and since I agree with all that Trey wrote, I’ve posted it up for you below to enjoy!

So, without further ado, here’s a guest blog post from my man, Trey “3” Armstrong, Author of 3 Step Muscle Building


I know why you’re reading this article and why you love reading my man Travis’ stuff so much.

It’s because you train hard and you want to get big, strong, and ripped. Every day you wake up, you look forward to going to the gym, hitting the weights like an animal and getting better each week.

And that’s why you do it. You have that ideal physique in your mind: the broad shoulders, the button-popping chest, a pair of sleeve-splitting arms, and powerful legs that split your jeans when you squat down in your favorite chair. And that’s when you know your growing… when your legs a busting out of your jeans.

Well the key to getting a superhero body and living a superhero life is not so simple.

You see, it’s all about symmetry and balance. The ancient Greeks and Romans were masters at this. Just take a look at any statue and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Just read stuff from some of those ancient philosopher dudes and you’ll see what I mean. Symmetry and balance is king and it’s all around us. Everything that is considered “beautiful” is perfectly symmetrical and that’s how you should build your body and your life.

Okay, enough about this philosophy stuff because I’m gettin’ ready to kick down a door and head-butt a bad guy. And then rescue a good-looking chick from a burning building.

But first, I want to reveal…

15 Ways to Build a Superhero Body and Live a Superhero Life

1 – Intensity. You need to be intense with your workouts. You can have the BEST superhero program in the world, but if your intensity is garbage, then your results will be sub-optimal at best. Go in there, pull down the cap, turn up the volume and leave it all out on the floor.

2 – Go heavy first. I love lifting heavy and I’m sure you do too. It gives you a sense of power, an odd animalistic feeling that can’t be felt or touched until you lift heavy. It can never be re-created outside of the gym. Training heavy is also going to get you that “powerful” look. You know what I’m talking about…Boulders for shoulders and traps that look like mountain peaks.

3 – Feel the muscle working. Too many dudes in the gym just go in there and “lift” the weight. That’s cool and all if you’re a power-lifter. All I’m saying is that you should know what you’re trying to accomplish before each set of every exercise. Ask yourself, “what’s the purpose of this set, what’s the purpose of this exercise, what am I trying to accomplish?” If you can answer those questions, then I guarantee your workouts will be much more productive.

4 – Big lifts first. This is a given and I KNOW my fellow superhero, Travis, has drilled this into your head, but how many of you reading this article are actually doing this? Go in there and focus only on the big lifts and I guarantee your strength will go up, your body fat will go down, and your muscles will grow like weeds in a garden.

5 – Give yourself a deadline. What do I mean by this? Simple, it’s called Parkinson’s Law, which says that a task will grow in (perceived) importance and complexity in relation to the time allotted for its completion. For example, too many guys are taking WAY too long in the gym to complete their workouts. I guarantee your current workout could be finished in just 45 minutes if you paid attention to your rest periods and PUSHED yourself. Do this and watch your results skyrocket. Your anaerobic capacity will increase, your lactate threshold will go up, oh and yea, you’ll get ripped up without even trying…Unless of course you like to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and spaghetti and meatballs. But only on your cheat day right 😉

6 – Dead-Lift. Dead-Lift. Dead-Lift. Dude, if you’re not doing some type of dead-lift from the floor or even from the rack, then you can’t expect to look like a superhero. How you think I pick up 250+ pound goons? Dead-lifts! You don’t even have to do traditional dead-lifts. Go in the woods, find a big rock or a boulder, drag that sucker out to your car, throw it in the trunk and lift that thing every day. You need to be dead-lifting if you want to achieve that superhero look.

7 – Eat a clean diet. Being a superhero is not all about kicking down doors, giving villains a beat down, and rescuing hot girls from danger. It’s about being healthy at the same time. Take care of your body, it’s the only one that’s been given to you. Eat clean, fresh foods. Drink clean water, and don’t poison it with toxic chemicals and weekly booze sessions with your buddies…The worst booze => Beer. The stuff has been found to lower testosterone levels and increase estrogen in males. I doubt you want man boobs.

8 – Train EXPLOSIVELY. What I mean by this is you need to ATTEMPT to lift explosively for every repetition. This is going to increase what’s called “rate coding” and decrease the amount of time in between muscular contractions… AKA you get POWERFUL. Over time you’ll be able to lift a heavy weight just as fast as you would be able too with a light weight. Oh and yeah, you’ll of course get bigger and stronger in the process from the constant breaking down of those big Type IIB muscle fibers.

9- Lay off the cardio. What I’m talking about is the long, slow, boring cardiovascular exercise you see all the fat dudes doing on the treadmill while texting on their phone. Those dudes are lame. It’s been shown that overdoing the cardio can lead to a decrease in testosterone and muscle mass. I don’t think you want that happening either.

10 – Avoid wheat, corn, and sugar at all costs. Plain and simple, this stuff is going to kill you in the long run. These 3 things cause systemic inflammation, lower testosterone levels, increase estrogen levels, can cause heart disease, insulin resistance, and just make you feel like dirt. Back in the day, when I thought “bulking up” was cool, I’d chow down on these foods. Once I discovered the 3-Step Muscle-Building System, I cut out the crap and created a muscle-gaining meal plan. If you want to be a superhero, you must eat clean and healthy.

11 – Master the pull-up. I don’t know about you, but I love strapping 100 pounds to my waist and seeing how many pull-ups I can get. Having a ton of back and lat strength is paramount in developing a superhero body. It comes in handy when I need to scale a 20-foot wall. Having a pair of flaring lats is going to give you that coveted V-Taper that all chicks dig. Pull-ups also give me a vice-like grip so I can crack a walnut with my bare hands. Be sure to switch up your grips, switch up the sets, reps, volume, etc…There are so many pull-up variations that you can never go wrong. Plus, who knows when you’ll have to hang on to something for a long period of time before the coast is clear…

12 – Get crazy. You’re never going to know your TRUE potential if you don’t get a little crazy here and there with your workouts. You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about…Well, for example head into the gym one day and see what your max is on a few exercises that you would normally never do. Or bring a ton of equipment out to a field and setup a strongman event and see how you do. Do crazy stuff. Attach a thick rope to your car and pull that sucker for distance. Get on your arse and row it all the way till it’s 5 feet in front of you. Drive to the biggest hill you can find and see how many times you can sprint up that sucker until you’re gasping for breath…Get what I’m saying? Push yourself to the point of exhaustion because you’ll never know true failure until you reach that edge…

13 – Don’t be a prick. This one I’m serious about. It doesn’t cost you anything to be nice to people. Be kind to others because you’ll be rewarded in some way, shape or form. If you project a negative, crappy attitude and you walk around with a chip on your shoulder, then it WILL come back to bite you in the arse one day. Trust me on that one…

14 – Go through a 24-36 hour fast every 7-14 days. Digestion is one of the hardest things for your body to accomplish, but yet it does it without you really noticing a thing. However, by fasting for 24-36 hours, you’ll be giving your body a break, your liver a break, and your digestive system a much needed rest. You’ll notice a drop of at least ½ inch from your waist-line, ½-1 pound of fat loss, improved digestion, an increase in insulin sensitivity, and a feeling of well-being. That part is hard to explain until you actually go through with it. It’s pretty cool when you haven’t eaten anything but you have the energy of a 16-year-old hopped on Red Bull.

15 – Take risks. The more risks you take, the more chance you’ll succeed. The bigger the risks you take, the higher the reward. It’s that simple. Nothing incredible has ever been achieved in this world, inside of the gym and outside of the gym, without someone taking a big risk. Do not take stupid risks like surfing on top of your car going 100 mph. That may land you in a body cast. Instead, take smart and calculated risks where the possibility of success is strongly in your favor. Never give up and never give in because success is usually right around the corner.

Wow this write-up got long…

Okay, that’s enough of me ranting off. I got plenty more where this came from. Until then, follow the principles above and you’ll be achieving superhero status in no time.

Alright gotta go. Time to fight some bad guys…



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