Today I felt like getting a little SINISTER on my Thursday Throwdown and sinister I got!

Grabed my heavy Brute Force Bag and got to work…

Yesterday I took the whole day off for recovery as I felt a little beat up.  I was scheduled to train, but I listened to my body and took the rest day.

There’s times when you have to listen to what your body is saying and rest and other times push through the laziness 😉

For me, I’m always down to tear up a training session, but you’ve got to be smart.

Overtime you learn how to read your body properly and sometimes you’re fatigued and sometimes you’re just plain tired.

In the times where you’re just a bit tired, you’ve got to dig deep and make sh*t happen.

Anyways, being able to read your body and know when to rest is a whole other post on it’s own, for now let’s get into some seriously SINISTER sh*t!

For this throwdown you’ll need a nice sandbag.  I prefer the handle-less sandbag from Brute Force.  Nothing comes close to this bad boy.

Along with your sandbag you’ll need a clock to keep time as well as a focused mind.

For this throwdown you’ll need a nice sandbag.  I prefer the handle-less sandbag from Brute Force Bags.  Nothing comes close to this bad boy.

Time to go H.A.M.

You’ll be hitting 6 rounds for time of:

1A) 5 Sandbag Clean and Press
1B) 10 Sit Thru’s

Have at it kids…


The sandbag I was using weighed 125.2 lbs and it gets heavy quick!

Since this throwdown is fairly quick, it can be used as a nice hardcore workout finisher to your normal training session.

If you wanted to make it into a full workout, just do a few more rounds and take a little bit longer rest periods between rounds.

Think this workout looks pretty EVIL? 

It was.

I have many more just like it packed into a special program I created called Sinister Strength, which is now being given away as a bonus to 3 Step Muscle Building.

I called it Sinister Strength because that’s what it is…  Completely SINISTER… 

It’s 100% based around building you up into a complete badass half-man-half-machine.

You can check out more info on 3 Step Muscle Building and The Sinister Strength Tactical Domination Manual at

But, most importantly, make sure to tear into this week’s “Sinister Throwdown”.

Live and Train Aggressive!

PS – The deadline to get the Sinister Strength Manual as a BONUS is Friday, May 4th!

After that, Sinister Strength will no longer be available.

Find out more info HERE.