I’m out here in sunny San Diego with a bunch of other kickass fitness peeps just tearing things up.

It’s only natural that some of us get together to rip into a workout.  I got a few guys to tag along with me to join in this weeks Thursday Throwdown.

One guy, who’s known as “The Finisher” guy, Mike Whitfield joined me as well as “The Speed Guy” CJ Easter, who’s an ex-pro football player that knows a thing or to about how to get fast.

All I can say is when you put a Finisher Guy, A Speed Guy, and an Aggressive Strength Guy together, you’re going to get some crazy sh*t going down! 😉

Here in San Diego the weather is absolutely perfect pretty much all the time!  So for this week’s Throwdown I wanted to make sure to keep it outside.  There’s no lack in options to where we could go to train as you’ll see in the video.


Damn I felt badass when the Navy SEALs flew by after our second round of the rock thrusters and pulls…

Here’s what we hit up:

1A) Stair Sprint Ladder
-sprint stair x 1 level, x 2 levels, x 3 levels, x 4 levels
-push ups x 10, 20, 30, 40

After we cranked that out, we went down near the water where we were able to find a good sized rock to use in the second part of our throwdown.

For the second part, this is what we did:

2A) 3 Rounds
a) Rock Thruster x 10
b) Ring Pull Ups x 10
c) 150 yard Sprint / Run

Shoot, even the locals joined in on what we were doing!

Great times and even a better throwdown!

So there you go…  An outdoor throwdown you can hit up anytime.  All you need is a hill, set of stairs, a good sized rock, and something to crank out pull ups on and you’re good!

I LOVE training outdoors and now that summer is back, I’ll be cranking out more gym-less training sessions in the future for sure so be ready for more outdoor hardcore training madness!

As for Mike “The Finisher” Whitfeild and CJ “The Speed Guy” Easter, you’ll be hearing more about these guys later on down the road as there’s some crazy stuff to come.  Both of them are masters of their craft and are killing it when it comes to getting their people results.

For now, I ant to hear about about your favorite outdoor workout ever.  Where did you hit it at and what did you do for it?  Post it up in the comments!  

I’m very interested to hear about some of these hardcore outdoor throwdown sessions from you!

Keep Living and Training Aggressive!

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