In my last post I chatted about how you can End the Year Off Strong by following these 5 important steps.  In this post, I’m back to talk about 2 of the most important things you must have in order to ultimately succeed and hit your top potential.

The first thing that you must have is a clear cut VISION.  

A vision is your overall goal or set of goals you have in your mind that you want to set out to achieve.  This VISION or set of visions must be very precises and descriptive.

The more descriptive you are the better…

For example…  This is NOT good – “I want to become a beast by Jan 1st

First off, that is way too broad.  What does it mean to be a “beast“?  How do you know when you’re a “beast“?  My definition of a “beast” may be different from yours…

To make this vision more realistic and achievable, you need to focus in on a more specific and precise goal.  So a good example may look like this –  “I want to become a total beast by Jan 1st by getting down to 7% body fat, hammering out 40 consistent strict pull ups, 100 push ups, and running a sub minute 400m sprint.  Then I’ll be a beast.”

going beast modeNow, obviously that is a smaller vision and possibly different from yours.  It’s simply an example.  Everyone’s visions will be different.  The key is that you have goals within your vision that can be MEASURED.

Looking further into visions, they all start off within the MIND and in order to see your VISION and make it come true, you must first BELIEVE IN it.  Because without 100% belief, you will not achieve anything of great stature.

I’ll speak more about this later in the post but first I need to go over an extremely powerful 5 step plan to achieving your visions which looks like this:

Wishing, Wanting, Planning, Doing, Having

When ever you have a vision you must first WISH it.  This basically means that you see it in your mind through an idea or thought.  With this idea or thought you then decide on whether or not you WANT this wish.

Wanting is the second part of achieving your vision.

When you truly want something, you will then make the choice to start moving in the right direction to achieve it.

Next, in order to achieve any vision or goal, you must first PLAN out how to accomplish this goal.

This is where most people drop the ball as they have no clear cut plan or set of directions on where to go in order to get to your goal.

They know where they want to get, but have no idea how to get there.  This is very common with a lot of people and to be totally honest, it’s TRUE with ALL people.

When it comes to training and having goals that relate with fitness and strength, most people wonder around aimlessly trying “the shotgun approach” which basically means they try out tons of different programs and take tons of different advise from multiple sources all at once.  When the smoke finally clears, these people are usually left with nothing to show for all of their hard work and usually left off in a worse position then before confused and frustrated.

I too have been this same exact person!

But, after years and years of training athletes and clients in the trenches and helping 100’s of these people achieve their goals through the help of proper coaching, guidance, and supplying accountability, this is now one of my main focuses and VISIONS to do going forward.  I want to help you properly PLAN to achieve your visions and goals.

I will speak more in depth about something very powerful and special for a limited amount of people out there looking for a solution to PLANNING out their visions and goals in a few days…

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Now, once you have the planning down, it’s time to DO and then HAVE.

Doing” is the most basic of this 5 part formula to achieving your VISION.  If you’re driven and motivated and you have a PLAN of attack set before you, and all there is left to do is to TAKE ACTION,  success comes a bit easier.

Doing” is essentially nothing more than straight up HUSTLING for what you want.   You’ve got to be willing to put in some sweat, blood, and tears!

I like to call this GRINDMODE…  You just got to roll up your sleeves and DO WORK!

Get used to doing the things that most people don’t enjoy doing…

Now, once you have a VISION and you have a clear cut goal or set of goals, you must now zero in on this Vision with extreme MENTAL FOCUS.

I referred to Mental Focus early in this post and is the SECOND essential part you must have in order to achieve your ultimate potential.

When I speak of mental focus, I speak of having the mind power to stay on your path.

The ultimate truth is this, everything and I mean everything starts within the MIND.

When you go out to achieve your VISIONS and attack the 5 steps within achieving your visions listed above, there will be times where it’s not always that easy.

There will be times when you want to quit.

There will be times where you’re tired, beat, and run down.

This is where MENTAL FOCUS comes into play.

If you have it, you’ll succeed…

If you don’t, you’ll fail.

The mind will always have the first and last say so on what you do and don’t do.

The most powerful thing about the mind is this – It’s LIMITLESS.  Your mind is capable of so many things it’s almost unbelievable.  The only problem is that people don’t even realize how powerful their own mind is.

Most people don’t even tap into their mental power one single bit.

Kind of crazy when you think about it.

So, what you must do is make sure to believe in and see yourself accomplishing your VISIONS and goals within your mind first before you ever set out to achieve them.

When you figure out how to use your MIND to focus in onto your VISIONS, you’ll have an unstoppable power at achieving goals at an accelerated rate and even possibly be able to become, ‘The Most Powerful Man in the Universe

So, there you have it!  In order to unleash your ultimate potential, you must have VISION and MENTAL FOCUS.

I know the last few posts have been heavily loaded with goal setting and mindset stuff but these two things are that important!

You must have these things locked in!

Now that we know what a clear cut VISION is, I want to know what YOUR Ultimate Vision Is…  Drop a COMMENT below and share your goals!  How will YOU HUSTLE to get your visions accomplished?

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!

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