So I went to hit up a quick core circuit on the Jungle Gym XT suspension trainer after my squat training session the other day and I put together this super effective but BRUTAL core circuit I just had to share with you…


This is a lot tougher than it looks…

Here’s a quick recap of the quick but BRUTAL little ab circuit:

  • Suspended Plank x 30 sec
  • 15 Suspended Plank Circles
  • 15 Suspended Plank Circles (opposite direction)
  • 15 Suspended Plank Front to Back
  • 15 Suspended Plank In and Out’s
  • 15 Suspended Plank Door Swings

This is a tough little circuit for your core if you do it right.  That’s about 2 mins + of holding a tight plank while being suspended.  You also get in some good work on the shoulders as well.

Overall a great way to work on core activation, strength, and stabilization.

In the video I gave a few different but IMPORTANT tips away.

#1 – When training your abs (AKA CORE), you’ve got to remember to “tighten your abs” and hollow yourself out.

This basically means to activate your core by squeezing your abs.  Draw your belly button towards your spine, squeeze your ass, and roll your hips forward a bit.

This should flatten out your lower back as well as tighten up everything within your midsection.

Here’s a few looks at the WRONG technique and the RIGHT way of being activated.

***Notice my hips are sagging, there’s no tightness in the core, and by low back is in a bad position…

***Hips are up, abs are tight, glutes are being squeezed (that’s my ass 😉 ), and I’m in a much better position anatomically with no stress on the lower back.

For all of your planks and push ups, your core and hips should be in a similar position.

Lot’s of people get this wrong and I can remember when I was still training at a large corporate gym how many people used to just sabotage movements like push ups and planks with terrible form.  I still see it today with new athletes and clients that come in to train with me the first time at my gym.  They don’t know how to properly “tighten their core”.

In order for your core training movements to be effective at all, you must brace your abs. 

Tip #2 – Keep your abs tight as you perform the movements with you arms

After a while, holding a static plank should be easy but when you at in some dynamic movement with your arms and even legs, it becomes a whole different ball game.

When you perform the different movements with your upper body during this ab circuit, it’s important you keep your core activated and restrict any sort of movement with your hips.

This will make sure your staying tight throughout your core.

As boring as this info may be, it’s CRITICAL you do this.

Instead of just having a nice pair of looking abs, why not have a ripped midsection that’s also highly functional and strong?

Don’t fake it 😉

Also in the video, I hit on the Jungle Gym XT (JGXT) and how I now prefer it over the TRX.

I’ve been using the JGXT over The TRX now for a few months and I love it!  It’s a bit more versatile as the straps are anchored separate from one another.  This allows movements such as dips, handstand push ups, and even muscle ups to be done much easier and more effectively than with the TRX which is connected by one single strap at the top.

I still love the TRX but, as far a price goes and versatility, the Jungle Gym XT has my vote from here on out!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!

So tell me, what are your FAVORITE ab / core movements with the JGXT / TRX suspension trainers?  Also, what would you like to see next on suspension training?  Post up your comments and let me know! 

Let’s get over 10 comments on this post and I’ll post up another video on suspension training.