I posted up a quick ab training video in my last post and I asked for 10 comments…

I’m happy to say that we got our 10 comments PLUS more because I really wanted to post this workout.

So below, I posted up a KILLER suspension training workout for you which I will be quick to say, probably isn’t for beginners…

I’m going to call this “Death By Suspension Trainer” and I’ll let you determine if it’s a fitting name after you hit it up as well.

I’m loving this new Jungle Gym XT

First, I started off with a bit of strength work…


1A) Reclined 1A Press 4 x 5-8/side

1B) Chest To Bar Pull Ups 4 x submax

Next, I got right into some conditioning work with a 30-15 interval set up.  This got to be BRUTAL…


2A) 30-15 Conditioning Set

  1. Dips (assisted, jumping, and unassisted)
  2. Reach Out Rows
  3. Kettlebell Swing (60)
  4. Reach Out Push Ups
  5. Suspended Renegade DB Row R / L x 6-8 / arm (40)
  6. KB Goblet Squat (60)

For the Finisher, I hit up a brutal tabata that I’ll let you know about later if we can get some enough comments on this post…

Now, it’s your turn.  Let me know if the name fits the workout…

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!

What else would you like to see when it comes to SUSPENSION TRAINING??  Post up your comments!

Let’s get 20+ comments and I’ll post up another KILLER video….

PS – Some peeps have been asking about where to get a Jungle Gym XT.

Just go to JungleGymStrength.com for more info!