This past weekend was one of the BEST weekend’s I’ve had in terms of hanging with friends and family, watching the Huskers get a victory, setting up my NEW gym, getting in a few KILLER workouts, turning 30, plus eating a TON of great food.

What I wanted to share with you is the food that I got away with eating and what I’m doing to recover from such a junk eating filled weekend of eating.

The truth is, you can get away with having weekends like this and still stay and get LEAN and MEAN.

What I’ll share with you in a bit is the “2 Day Re-Boot The System” Protocol I use after nasty weekends like this.

Before we get to that, let me start off by sharing with you waht I ate (and drank) on Friday…

Friday was my 30th B-Day so of course, you know there was going to be some good food eating going on…

Many different types of drinks (not 100% sure here, but I had some beers, a few Jaeger-Bombs, a Vodka Water, and a few other shots), but here’s what I had for food…

Friday Night – 30th B-Day Party

3 sushi rolls

6 Chicken Satay Skewers 

A few slices of pizza

B-Day Red Velvet Cake – I ate about 75% of it myself and shared the rest (Sorry – NO pic)

Saturday (Husker Game Day)

After the LONG Friday evening, I fasted until around 1-130 then started some celebratory feasting again…

8-10 pieces of Deer Jerky – (Sorry – No Pic)

HUGE Salad from Whole Foods – chicken, mixed greens, cabbage, kale, feta cheese, roasted sweet potatoes (I had to smothered it down with honey mustard dressing)

HUGE Feast from on of my favorite restaurant’s – Kobe Steakhouse – I had an 6 oz Fillet with 6 oz of grilled chicken + the rest of my fiancé’s fillet, 6 grilled shrimp, plus tons of fried rice (what makes this so much better was the food is cooked with full fat butter, vegetable oil, and tons of soy and other “not-so-healthy” sauces.

For dessert that night, I had about 10-12 oz of frozen yogurt topped with brownie bites, cookie dough, health bar, and graham cracker crust and some chocolate sauce.

I started Sunday off by fasting until noon.

I did however have a recovery shake right after my AM training session that was made up of 2 scoops Progenex Protein Powder, 1 scoop Athletic Greens, 5 g Luecine, 10 g Glutamine, 5 g Creatine, 5 g Maca Powder, and 5g of Pure Cacao Powder all mixed in water.

I then treated the rest of Sunday as somewhat of a recovery day as I stuck to lean and clean foods for most of the day, but then I had to end the weekend out right by having a BIG A** gourmet brownie w/ some frozen yogurt 😉

Overall, a great weekend as far as eating went as I pretty much ate what ever I desired so now it’s time to get my body back on track 😉

Of course, you CAN’T get away with eating like that all the time nor should you even think for a minute that this post gives you a green light to eat like sh*t.

The only way the “2 Day Re-Boot The System Protocol” will work is if your eating lean and clean 80%-90%.

So, what’s the BEST way to recover from BEASTIN’ out on your food like this?  Well, that’s where the “2 Day Re-Boot The System Protocol” comes into play…

I use this protocol when ever I’ve had a heavy night of eating crap or whole damn weekend fiasco like I just shared with you above and what it’s geared to do is clean out your system via a strategic use of intermittent fasting, re-hydrating, and alkalizing your body over the course of a few days.

Bottom Line – It will get you feeling good.

If you mix in regular cheat days into your nutritional habits, you’d know what I’m talking about when I say you’ll get back to feeling good…

When I wake up the next day after a heavy cheat food day or even just a heavy night or eating like crap, I can feel it.

I feel swollen, bloated, sluggish, and my mind just seems clouded over.

It’s no good which is why I only allow myself to indulge in these “cheat meal fests” every now and then.   I definitely deserved it and EARNED IT for my 30th B-Day 😉

So, with that, let’s get into The 2 Day “Re-Boot The System” Protocol (I took this straight out of The Lean. Mean. Strong. Simple Nutritional System)

***Rule #1 – Do not abuse this protocol***

Day 1 – Fasting + Rehydration

 Since you probably just took in 3-5x’s the amount of calories you normally do over your cheat days, the day 1, 24-hour fast will help balance out the excessive calorie intake.  You’ll feed on the fuel you already have.

For Day #1, you’ll intake nothing more then lemon juice + purified water all day (this means from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep)

-If you have a greens drink supplement like Athletic Greens or similar, that’s ok to take over the course of the day as well.  I typically have this later in the AM.

-The key for day 1 is hydration.

-No coffee!  You will have to suffer wit the lack of energy.  Green tea is acceptable, but NO coffee as you’re also trying to alkalize your body.  Coffee is HIGHLY acidic so you’l want to avoid it.

Day 2 – The “Meatless” Fasting Day

 For Day 2 within The Re-Boot Your System Protocol, you’ll slowly add foods back into your normal diet via greens and protein powder then actual protein later in the day.

You’ll begin with an early AM greens-drink alkalinity shake upon waking up.


Here’s the recipe for the “Greens Drink Alkalinity Shake”:

-1 large handful of each – kale and spinach

-1-2 stocks of celery – chopped

-small spill of Organic Lemon Juice

-1 cup of Water Or Unsweetnened Almond Milk

-1 scoop of Protein Powder

-1 serving of Athletic Greens

-1 tbsp Chai Seeds (optional)

-1 tbsp Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil

***Blend all of the ingredients above and drink


-Drink lemon water or just plain purfied water like crazy thru rest of day.

-NO protein via meat ALL day until your final meal of day.  This will help let your digestive system rest and re-coop from your heavy cheat days of eating crap.

-Have another greens-drink alkalinity shake with protein powder for lunch.

-Your late dinner can consist of a  light and lean protein (eggs, chicken, turkey breast) + an endless amount of unlimited greens via spinach, kale, ect.

After Day 2 – Get right back to eating LEAN and CLEAN!  

Bottom Line – In order to make the most use out of this powerful protocol, make the sacrifices needed to achieve success and have the discipline to stick to these sacrifices.  You’ll come out a Leaner, Meaner, and Stronger mo fo 😉

Now, as I mentioned above I took this special protocol right from my new manual – Lean. Mean. Strong.

I’ve got a few other protocols I like to use for different situations.  One is for when the holidays are coming up or you know you’re in for a a long weekend in which you know you’ll be eating and drinking bad.

When it comes to that, it’s all about being prepared.

Never go into battle un-prepared 😉

Overall, I hope that this post helps you out and if you’re in need of the The 2 Day “Re-Boot The System” Protocol, use it because I know it will get you back on track!

Go ahead and post up your questions and comments below!

I’ve got some more great nutritional posts coming your way this week so keep your eyes open.

Live and Train (and Eat) Aggressive!

PS – If you want to know the rest of my protocols and know exactly how I eat for fat loss, muscle gain, and performance, check out The Lean. Mean. Strong. SIMPLE Nutritional System for SERIOUS Results. 

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