When it comes to success and motivation, there’s a saying or “thought of mind” that has really resonated with me that I’ve learned about through reading stories about ancient Greek and Viking Warrior Generals on how they used to approach motivating their soldiers for battle.

In short, their approach was absolutely RELENTLESS.

What a lot of the Greek and Viking armies were known for was how they would “Burn Their Boats” upon landing on shore for battle.

The generals would command that their ships be burned so that there was no way of retreating.  It was FIGHT or die.  There was no other choice.

This would remove all possibility of doing anything other than going forward into the unknown.

This is the “ALL IN” type of mindset you must have in order to bring forth MASSIVE SUCCESS. 

It’s either go 110% H.A.M. and go for broke, or don’t go at all.

No one has time for half ass efforts, especially yourself.

I’m guilty of giving poor efforts in my time as I know that YOU may be as well, but I know first hand what only going “50/50” can do.

Let me just tell you this, it’s a waste of time…

Another quote I often like to share is this from Hunter S. Thompson that says:  “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.”

I try to take that quote to heart as should you.

Another very important thing to think about in regards to giving it your all and “Burning Your Boats” is that of TIME.

One thing that you can’t ever get back is your time. 

When you go half ass with something, give up, or “retreat”, you just threw that time away for good.

Failing is a part of life and it’s OK to fail.  Wouldn’t you rather fail going 110% and giving it your all then to fail because you only gave it a bit of an effort?

You’ll learn a ton more about going 110% and failing then just going 50% hardly trying.

Sometimes we learn more in our “All Out” efforts then when we do in our actual successes.

Bottom Line – You can never get your TIME back so you might as well give as much effort within the time you got.

I hope I’m making sense here…

The sad truth is that today, we live in a world that is obsessed with choices and options.

These choices and options are those of being able to opt-out, hit the re-set button, or worse, “quit’ if we have the ability to.

People are quick to want a way out of something if they need to, it’s as if their scared to go “All In” in fear of failure.

Let me just say this…  When it comes to some things in life, the only way out is to FORGE AHEAD and keep f*cking going forward!

Forget about always having an “Exit Strategy”! 

When we don’t “Burn The Boats” and we leave easy options for a ways out, we also leave room for massive amounts fear, hesitation, anxiety, excuses, and major self-doubt to creep in and take control of our minds.

When you can find a way to force yourself to go “All In” and to “Burn the Boats” to help erase all  and any means of easily quitting, only then will you finally be able to focus all of your time and energy on the opportunities that you have before you.

The questions YOU need to ask yourself are these:

“What’s holding you back?

Are you 110% In Or Out?  

Make a Choice and Take a Stand!

It’s time to BURN YOUR BOATS!

There’s no turning back as there nothing else but VICTORY ahead!

Go ahead and drop your comments and thoughts on this below.  I’m interested in your feedback on this.

Live and Train Aggressive!

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You’re either IN or OUT.  There’s no in between!

Time to get Relentless!