So it’s been awhile since I’ve pulled out a solid Hardcore Hundred so I felt the need to do so with today’s workout.

I had a heavy dead lifting session prior to this quick finisher so my plan was to hit the upper body hard and tax the legs out a bit as well.

Job well done…

The two movements I choose were the bar muscle up and the pistol squat.

Two very tough movements.


For the rep scheme, I decided to split it right down the middle and go 50/50, hence the name for this Thursday Throwdown / Hardcore Hundred Hybrid of “50/50”.

Now I know not everyone out there can do bar muscle ups and pistols squats let alone 50 of each, so I went ahead and broke those two movements down in a some separate video below…



Strength is all about PROGRESSION and I can remember about a 3 years ago I couldn’t do more than 5 bar muscle ups in a row.  I kept working on them and throwing them into my warm ups and before I knew it, I was banging out 10-15 no problem.

Yeah it wasn’t two or three weeks, but it was a great improvement overtime.

Same thing with pistol squats as just a year ago, these were my biggest weakness!  Their still not a strong point of mine, but I’ve gotten better.

So how can YOU get better at these two movements? 

Well, here’s a quick tip…  Add in these movements and their regressions into your warm up.   You can get in some good amounts of volume and really grease the groove. 

If you still can’t do a muscle up, do some dips and pull ups in your warm up for extra work.  Same thing for pistols.

But getting in the extra work overtime will pay off a great deal.

The main thing is that you’ve got to be patient and be willing to work consistently.

That goes with anything you want in life…

Overall it was nice to revisit the infamous Hardcore Hundred series!

Just to let you know, I have a very special bonus item coming for all of my biggest hardcore followers…

I’m hoping to be finished and ready to launch my NEWEST project soon, but for now you can get a little sneak peak of what to come HERE

Leave your comments below!  Are you able to hit bar muscle ups and pistols or do you need work?  Let me know!