I’m very stern on approaching my workouts as if they were an all out battle.  It’s just the way I do it to make sure I get the most out of my training sessions.

While not everyone approaches their training like this, I know there are others out there that are just like me that have this same sort of mindset where training is considered WAR and in order to win, you must be ready for battle each and every time!

I’m a firm believer that if you can approach your training in such a way, you will easily be able to change both your mental and physical self rather quickly.

To some people, training is just another “thing” they feel they must to do in life, but to me and hopefully YOU (since you’re reading this right now) can agree, that training is much more to us than just another “thing”…  It’s apart of our life and apart of what we do and we take this part of our life very very seriously.

So, for the people that are SERIOUS about their training and are really ready to take it to the next level, I’ve created a series of workouts that I specifically designed for the “warrior minded”.

People like those who serve our country in the military and law enforcement who take their jobs and physical health seriously as well as the athletes who go to war in the ring and compete in combative type sports such as wrestling, MMA, football, rugby, ect.

The workouts contained in Warrior Ripped are workouts designed for people who are fierce in how they train and approach life.  They don’t lay down and die easily when things don’t go their way.

You must have a “Warrior Mind” to have a “Warrior Body”.

Not too long ago, I came up with a new formula for this “warrior” style of training and I set it up in such a way that anyone who had access to a barbell, some DB’s and a suspension trainer could do these workouts.  As much as I love training with sandbags, kettlebells, and other odd object strength tools, I kept those out of this program.

The formula I used for these workouts is rather simple on paper, but BRUTAL in real life.  It’s funny how most things are like that…

  • I used the barbell for heavy strength work
  • DB’s mixed with Bodyweight for assistance / volume work
  • Bodyweight blended with Suspension Training for tactical strength and conditioning

Oh, and then there are the “warrior finishers”

Like I said, this layout may look simple on paper, but wait until YOU try these out…

In fact, here’s a sample…



1A) Deadlifts 5 x 5

1B) Burpee Box Jumps 5 x 3

2A) Jungle Gym XT Atomic Push Ups 3 x 20

2B) DB Single Leg RDL 3 x 8/leg

3A) Jungle Gym XT Suspended Leg Curls 3 x 15

3B) DB Man Makers 3 x 8

3C) HEAVY DB Farmer Walks 3 x max distance

4A) Warrior Finisher – Tabata Set of:

a) Double DB Swing

b) Toes To Bar

Now, never is a workout program complete until you combine it with a valid NUTRITIONAL system.  That’s where the Intermittent Fasting comes in…

To me, I can’t think of a better philosophy of eating that is better suited for warriors then intermittent fasting is.

Since I’ve implemented more IF into my lifestyle, it’s been great, but IF isn’t a walk in the park.  Especially when you’re first starting out…

I’ve now been incorporating 16 hour fasts into my lifestyle blended in with 8 hour feeding periods.  It’s been working out great thus far!

You’ve got to have a tough mindset in order to accomplish some of the fasting periods that occur as it’s easy to let yourself off the hook during a fast to get in a little bite to eat to curve the hunger, but in order for fasting to totally work, you must be strong.  You must have a warrior mind….

Think of this as another “personal challenge” for yourself…

If you’re like me, you welcome challenge into your life as having challenges in your life will only keep you getter better…

All in all, the type of training and nutrition I speak of when combined properly will help forge a warrior mind and body.

Now, when it comes to the training side of things with this “warrior training” stuff, I’m an expert and I’m very comfortable at programming and designing workouts that churn out  results like clockwork.

As for the nutritional side of things, I’m not a guru at the intermittent fasting stuff as I’m still leanring which is OK, because my friends Dan Go and John Romaniello are the experts at this stuff and the good news is, their just about to release the highly anticipated Intermittent Fasting based program called, Fat Loss 4 Ever!

As a special bonus and show of appreciation to my two good friends John and Dan, I’ll be giving away my new batch of workouts contained within The “Warrior Ripped” manual, to all of those that invest into Fat Loss 4 Ever, which has a step-by-step Intermittent Fasting nutritional program in it that can and will produce SICK results for who ever follows it.

That program of course has an excellent training system that goes along with it, but you can never have enough workouts…  Especially these types of workouts…

In the meantime, post up ANY of your questions and thoughts in the comments!

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