There’s nothing quite like a nice bodyweight workout outside!  If you’re looking to get LEANER while adding on some serious bodyweight strength, keep reading….

I took this workout straight outta PROJECT: MOBILE and HOSTILE which I specially created as a bodyweight only training system for peeps that don’t have access to lots of equipment.  This is also a KILLER workout for people that just want to crank things up a bit and train to get their body strong while using no other equipment than with what God gave them!

It’s good to get away from the weights every now and then.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten pretty beat up by training hard with heavier weights and high volume so it felt real nice to get outside and push it just using my own bodyweight.

Takes me back to high school when I used to hit up the track and do push ups, sprints, pull ups off the back of the bleachers, and stair hops and jumps!

In the workout I hit below, it called for a few different animal movements blended in with some strength-power bodyweight moves. I hit the workout up at one of the local high school football fields and there isn’t much that’s beats getting out into the fresh air and warm sun while cranking a kickass bodyweight workout.

Well, that’s for me anyways!  Not much else beats that!  If training is a HUGE passion in your life, I think you probably feel the same way!

Below, I have the workout so you too can give it a go!

Attack this workout and see how it feels!  You have NO EXCUSES as you don’t need a gym, any equipment, or that much time.

I was at the field for maybe 25 mins.  Didn’t need much time as I warmed up quick and just got to work!

Here goes….


Complete 4-6 Rounds of:

1A) Bear Crawl x 30 yards total

1B) Squat Jump or squat  x 15

1C) Plyo Push up OR regular push up x 10

1D) Walking Lunges x 10 / leg

1E) Pull Ups OR Superman Holds x 10 OR :30 secs

1F) Crab Walk x 30 yards total

As a bonus, I hit a quick AB GAUNTLET at the end!

a)      Full V- Seat x 15

b)      Knee tucks x 15 / side

c)       V- Seat Reach x 15

d)      Cross Body Knee Tucks x 15 / side

A quick and aggressive workout taken straight outta PROJECT: Mobile and Hostile!

There’s a ton more killer workouts where that came from and all of them will help you build more MUSCLE, STRENGTH, and POWER!  Plus, if you’re eating right, you’ll get SHREDDED UP and LEAN!

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Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


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