So there are still a TON of people out there that think they can just TRAIN HARD and reap all the benefits.

Well, life isn’t that easy and if it were, we would have a bunch more ripped and leaned out people walking the earth!

The same holds true for strength, power, and endurance….

But there a very important piece to the puzzle people forget about…

You can train as long and hard as you want, but there will be a line drawn as to how far you can take your training.

This line is dependent upon not only TRAINING but mostly more upon EATING!!!

If you don’t know this yet, please realize that the stuff you put into your body will have a HUGE effect on the type of results you get.

If you eat like crap – you’ll feel like crap and probably look like crap.

The same holds true for the opposite!  If you feed your body lean, wholesome foods, you’ll look lean, feel great, and be able to perform at a higher level!

It simply amazes me to how many people still don’t realize this!

Now, once you realize the power of EATING CLEAN and how it can have an effect on not only your body and the way it looks but it has a HUGE effect on your performance as well.

Putting it all into action is the hard part!

For me, I know how boring and repetitive eating the same old healthy foods can get.

It’s enough to drive you mad!  No wonder people get off track!  It’s tough!

Eating LEAN and MEAN year around takes a ton of discipline and self control.  Not everyone has this!

Another problem people have is that they get bored easily.  So eating the same foods for them over and over isn’t the best option.

But, what if there was another way to get around this??  What if you could make eating LEAN and MEAN easier and more exciting??

I know I’m down for this!  I’ve about had it with plain old grilled chicken breast with broccoli!

Well, there is a solution and it’s called the METABOLIC COOKBOOK!

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on this a little more than  a week ago and I’ve been hammering through some of the recipes!

I know the importance of eating and how it can have an effect on my body when it comes to adding muscle, strength, and improving performance.

Some of the things I’ve been digging into have been:

  • The Breakfast Recipes (The Alaskan Omlette and The Pizza Omlette!)
  • The Chicken and Poultry Recipes (The Metabolic Turkey Chili)

I’ll be diggin in more as time goes on!  The important thing is, you either start eating LEAN and MEAN OR you KEEP GOING!

Getting bored of the same old stuff can bring your off track so you need to find options to keep you in line!  This is it!

The METABOLIC COOKBOOK is a pretty awesome little option to have to help spruce up your meals and turn up your results!

EATING is that IMPORTANT to your success!

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Live Aggressive and Get Strong!

PS – Let me know about ANY questions you may have about METABOLIC COOKING!

I’ll be sure to clear things up so you know if it’s right for you or not!