So the other day, my client gave me a set of Innversion Boot’s or better known as “Gravity Boots”.

He no longer had any use for them so I took them knowing I would put them to good use for sure!

When it comes to these Gravity Boots, I can remember in the old training magazines and videos, the old school bodybuilders using these things!

The video and pic of Franco Columbo, hanging upside down from Pumping Iron is probably the most popular of all!

Franco was proabably one of the most jacked, strong, and athletic dudes of his time.  The guy was a BEAST!

Well, I just put these gravity boots to use and I gotta say they are TOUGH!

I was just doing sets of 10 and it was crushing my abs!  It felt nice on my back as well.

I’ll definitely be playing around with these gravity boots some more to see what types of different variations I can come up with because I can truly see a benefit to training with these!

Check out the video below!  I messed around a little bit with the gravity boots so you can see what I’m talking about!


Let me know what you think!