One of the things a lot of people don’t realize they do is that they focus most of their attention on the things that they are strong or good at.

No one ever focuses on their weaknesses.  If people did, there would be more strong people walking around then there is now!

In this week’s Hardcore Hundred, I took on one of my biggest weaknesses – The Pistol Squat.

I’m simply just BAD at these.

To add to it, I also threw in a brand new movement I’ve never done before with “back handspring push ups”.    I guess that’s what I want to call them.  Maybe you know better…

I also added in some good ol’ ring pull ups to round it out.

For this training session I just felt like doing whatever I felt like doing.  So I threw these 3 movements together and just got after it!

This session wasn’t perfect and it sure wasn’t pretty but I know from pushing myself by focusing in on my weakness with pistol squats, I got a little bit better today…

This is one I’ll have to hit again and focus on getting a lot better at!

Go ahead and get after it!


5 Rounds:

5 Pistols per leg

5 Back Handspring Push Ups

5 Ring Pull Ups

Oh and I even smashed the crap outta my pinky as well when one of the 5 lbs weights fell outta my hand!  Damn Pistols!