What happens when you combine three highly effective forms of training together in one fast pace circuit?

We get some serious training done!

The other day I hit a fast but intense band, bell, and bodyweight circuit.

I love combining these methods of training together!  You get the best of each modality.

I’ve always been huge on training with bands.  You can do a lot of different athletic based movements that require a ton of explosion and speed.

No slow movements with bands!

Kettlebells are another one of my favorite tools of strength of course.  Kettlebells, like bands, are super versatile as well and are heavy on improving your athleticism and overall strength, power, and conditioning.

And at last, bodyweight movements.  You can never get good enough at your own bodyweight movements!  Everyone I know, myself included needs to get stronger with their own bodyweight!  For this particular workout, I practiced on my kipping pull ups.  These are still knew to me as I’ve always stuck to regular “REAL” pull ups!  I’ll continue to work on these.

Either way, this is a KILLER Resistance Band Circuit Training Workout combined with kettlebells and bodyweight to build up your conditioning and power.  Give it a go!

All you need is a band, a few kettlebells, and your own bodyweight!

You can hit this anywhere you have a little bit of open space.


For this one, I hit 25 sec rounds with 15 secs of rest!

1A) Band Sprint

1B) Double Kettlebell Swing

1C) Side Shuffle Right / Left

1D) Side Shuffle Right / Left

1E) Double Kettlebell Squat Cleans

1F) Double Kettlebell Push Press

1G) Band Back Pedals

1H) Kipping Pull Ups

Start finding more ways to blend these three types of training in together with each other!  You results will improve BIG TIME!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


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