The questions have been pouring in from people wanting to know more about FAT LOSS.

To be honest, I don’t like the words “Fat Loss”, but when you say those words, people know exactly what you’re talking about.

Personally I’d rather say, “Get SHREDDED”, but that’s me 😉

What do you think? 

Which do YOU like better?

Either way, watch the video I have for you and check out the extra details I supply below.

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#1 – Honesty w/ Yourself

-Be 110% HONEST with yourself and how well you’re really eating

-Become AWARE of what it is you’re doing – don’t just “think” you know


-without a DEADLINE, you will FAIL or you’ll not be pushed as hard as you would if you had one.

-A DEADLINE will serve a TARGET for you to shoot for and will keep you accountable – this will help YOU stream line your results.

#3 – Cut Out The SH*T

Seriously!  Most people know what sh*t food is and what’s not.

If you know, STOP putting that bad crap in your mouth if you want to get lean.

Get rid of these foods as BEST you can:

  • processed carbs and breads (crackers, chips, cookies, pasta, bread, ect)
  • pretty much all fast foods
  • any fried foods
  • sugars and candy
  • liquid calories (fruit drinks, alcohol, soda, sports drinks)

#4 – Harness The POWER of Carb Rotation

Now, this is POWERFUL.

In short, what you’ll do here is have 3 LOW carb days followed by 1 HIGH carb day.

When I say “carbs”, I’m referring to starchy carbs like potatoes, quinoa, squash, pumpkin, brown rice and oats (if you’re not going Paleo that is).

The best way to still keep your carbs in your eating plan is by rotating them in via High / Low Carb Days.

I’ve been doing this for years and it’s worked amazing.

Here’s how the Low and HIGH / LOW Carb Days would look:

Low Carb Day Key Focuses:

  • Your only intake of starchy carbs for your LOW carb day will come at your 1st meal of the day and your post workout meal.
  • If you’re going for FAST fat loss, keep you fat intake low on these days as well
  • Eat LOTS of greens – spinach, kale, mixed veggies – this will help add volume to your meals

If you’re a #’s person here are some rough numbers to follow:

-ONLY .25-.5g of CARBS per lbs of bodyweight / female – .5g

-ONLY .5g of FATS per lbs of bodyweight / female – LESS then .5g

-1.5g of PROTEIN per lbs of bodyweight / female – 1g

High Carb Day Key Focuses:

  • BEST sources of carbs – sweet potatoes, quinoa, pumpkin, squash, brown rice, red potatoes
  • Best to have a HIGH carb day on a high activity / Intense Training Day
  • Spread your carbs out throughout the day in each meal
  • Keep your fat intake LOW especially if your goal is to get LEAN fast

For you #’s people…

-1.5g of CARBS per lbs of bodyweight / female – .5-1g

-LOW as possible / female – same

-1.5g of PROTEIN per lbs of bodyweight / female – 1.5g

So there you go, that’s Part I.

Just one other key note about these tips to keep in mind is that the tips given above are geared specifically towards SHREDDING Fat Fast, not total performance.

Stay tuned for Part II where I’ll go over 4 more critical “Get YOU SHREDDED” tips.

Live and Train Aggressive!

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