OK, so we’re going to pick up right where we left off in Part I of “Aggressive FAT LOSS”

If you missed out on that and need to catch up, check out Part I HERE.

Here’s part #2…

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#5 – DON’T SKIP!

-In short, if you want RESULTS, don’t expect GREAT ones  if you skip out on your training sessions.

-If you want it (like you say you do) then PROVE it with Hard Work and DEDICATION

#6 – HIIT on Off Days

-When you’re not lifting heavy stuff and doing crazy-intense (but SMART) metabolic type workouts, make sure you’re getting in some extra “BIG MONEY” return activity via High Intensity Intervals

-My favorites – Short to Mid-Distance Sprints (for more advanced peeps), Hill Sprints, Incline Treadmill Sprint Intervals, Sled Work, Battle Rope Intervals, and Rowing Intervals (actually, I HATE these)

***If you’re more of a beginner – DON’T go right into 100% effort sprints – start with hill sprints, sled work, or intervals on a bike, rower, or with kettlebells.

-If you’re a runner and enjoy to run, then add it in. It won’t kill you and will serve as another source of activity to keep you active.  Just don’t expect it to yield as much fat shredding power as short, HIGH intensity interval type cardio sessions will do for you.

#7 – HYDRATE, SLEEP, and POST Workout Nutrition

-DRINK MORE WATER (sounds easy, but most people do NOT drink enough water)

-Get your ass to bed EARLIER (seriously, shut off the TV, get off the PS3 and get to bed!)

-For post workout, if you’re not going intermittent fasting (which is a totally different post all together), mixing in a good amount of your carbs after you train helps with recovery and will increase fat loss.  This is especially true if you train later in the day.

-I’ve always been a HUGE believer in post-workout nutrition because it’s not that we overtrain ourselves, it’s more about how we UNDER-RECOVER.

-The recovery process starts right after you finish your final rep so having a quick, post workout recovery shake of some sort is critical so you can start that process.

-I’ve become a HUGE fan of BioTrust Low Carb for my protein source.

-Here’s the post workout recovery shake I’ve been having right after training sessions (pre-blended at home):

  • 2 Scoops BioTrust Low Carb OR 2 Scoops of Progenex Recovery (usually vanilla or chocolate)
  • 5g of creatine monohydrate
  • 10g of glutamine
  • 5g of leucine
  • huge handful of kale
  • 2 cups of pumpkin
  • 1 serving of Athletic Greens

This tastes damn good.

#8 – EARN Your Cheats

-If you want to have that pizza, wings, or big plate of pasta, you first need to step back and truly ask yourself, “Did you EARN it?”

-If you want to have the “cheat foods” that you love so much, YOU CAN, just make sure you’re legitimately earning them and eating those foods at the RIGHT time…

-Always think – 80/20 Rule (if you’re below 12% BF) or 90/10 (if you’re above 12% BF) in regards to how much you can cheat.

-The LEANER you get, the more you can actually cheat

-Don’t go overboard with your cheats – use them but DON’T abuse them 😉



So, there you go.

Part #2 of Aggressive Fat Loss.

I have no doubts that these tips, when put to use will help you SHRED UP FAST.

It’s all about properly combining all the tips together and using them all in conjunction with one another VS. just picking one and neglecting others.

That will never work that way.  It’s all about dialing in and changing you whole lifestyle in regards to your overall goal.

So, here’s to getting YOU SHREDDED.

Let me know your thoughts and comments below.

Live and Train Aggressive!