In light of the first ever upcoming Aggressive Strength Weekend, I thought I would drop a post about what the AGGRESSIVE LIFESTYLE is made up of…

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Now, what I have for you below is what Living Life Aggressive is all about!  IF you AGREE with what I’ve laid out below, click the LIKE button and share this with others.

A is for ATTITUDE – In life, you’ve got to have the right ATTITUDE.

Your attitude all starts off within your MIND.  If you think you’re weak and unable to be successful in life, you’ll be weak and unsuccessful…

However, if you attack life with a POSITIVE and AGGRESSIVE ATTITUDE, you’ll bring success your way and you’ll find that things get done more often then not.

When bad sh*t happens, and it will, keep a positive attitude and forge ahead.  Don’t let the negative stuff push you off your path.

It all comes back to the attitude YOU have moving forward.  Make it a positive one and you’ll continue to bring success your way!

G is for GUTS – No one ever got to where they wanted to be in life without digging in a little bit and working their ass off!

In life, to be highly successful, you’ve got to be willing to lay it all out on the line and in certain situations,  your HEART is going to be tested.

One of the best stories that I often refer back to is that of Rudy Ruettiger from the famous movie RUDY.  You wanna talk about guts, Rudy is all about guts!

The cards were stacked high against him and if he didn’t have a strong HEART and GUTS made of iron, he would have never accomplished what he did.

G is for Getting Sh*t Done! – This is rather simple…  If there’s something you want to accomplish and you want to accomplish it bad enough, make sure you’re getting the sh*t done that you need to get done!

If you feel like being lazy or procrastinating, you’ll never get what you want!  Instead, you need to be in ATTACK mode and focus on taking aggressive action daily.

This will get sh*t done a ton more then sitting around thinking about it will ever do…

No EXCUSES!  Make it happen!

R is for RELENTLESS –Now when it comes to getting what you want in life, both with your fitness results and personal life, there’s one thing that must hold true and that’s the fact that you must be RELENTLESS in going after what it is you want.

Most of everything that you want in life, especially the success that you want to achieve will take LOTS of consistent hard work.

One of the things you must understand is that not all of your work will be straight ahead.

There will be times where you take steps back and there will be times when you FAIL.

When you take steps back or FAIL, it will be you’re RELENTLESS effort to get yourself better that will be the difference between if you’re moving forward or continuing to slide back.

You must be in pursuit of your goals at all times!

E is for EARN IT! – Just to be clear, NOTHING in life worth having will ever come for FREE…

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people want something for FREE.  I can’t stand lazy people that want things to be given to them.

Something you should really think about in terms of FREE stuff vs. stuff that has been EARNED is this: 

Anything given to you for FREE will never been seen as something of VALUE.  The things that you have spillt blood and dripped pools of sweat for, plus given up a ton of your time and energy to possess will ALWAYS be cherished and seen as VALUABLE..

When you EARN something in life, you know the difference…  It feels much better to of truly earned something rather then just been given a hand me out.

This is one of my favorite scenes from the movie 300…  It’s about EARNING their Spartan Shields…

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S is for STRENGTH – In life, strength is everything.

Being strong both in the gym and outside of it is absolutely critical.  One of the main reasons I train with heavy weights and put myself through hardcore workouts is not to only get myself stronger athletically and physically, but it’s also to help me get stronger mentally.

When you know you have to lift a heavy weight, sometimes it’s a lot more the just physical.   I know there are times when I could have lifted heavier within a session and the difference maker was my mind, not my body.

One of the main reasons I continue to train at the level I do with the amount of weight I do is for this very fact: To keep my edge both physically and mentally.

Back when I was an athlete, strength was super important to me for performance, but now that I’m no longer training for a competitive sport, I train for LIFE.

I want to be ready for ANY situation that happens to come my way in life…  Basically, I never want to have to look back and say to myself, “If I had only been stronger…”

This sums it up pretty well…

S is for SWEAT EQUITY – Just as I mentioned above with EARNING things in life, sweat equity is along the same lines in that if you want to truly achieve a certain level of performance or possess a certain look with your physique, you are going to have to put in some “sweat equity”, especially into your training.

This means getting in your training sessions even when you don’t feel like getting them in.

This also means making the time to train VS. saying you don’t have the time to train.

Everyone has time to train if they make time for it.

Sweat Equity also stands for the amount of time you’ve been putting in hard work.  You can’t expect to be as strong as Mariusz Pudzianowski only after a few months or to be as ripped and shredded as Frank Zane in a couple of weeks.

There’s too many people out there looking for a quick fix as you see a new fitness gadget or supplement pill every week that claims to be the short cut to ultimate fitness success, but the truth is, there are no short cuts.

There’s only the amount of HARD WORK you’re willing to put in to achieving your goals that will make the most difference in your life.

Be willing to put in the time!  Be willing to put in some real sweat equity!

I is for INTENSITY – If you’ve followed my blog for sometime now, you would know that INTENSITY is within everything I do.

Intensity trumps everything else.  You can have the best workout plan in the world, but if you don’t ATTACK those workouts with some serious intensity, you will never reach your full potential when it comes to getting results fitness wise.

If you were to take two guys that were the same head to toe meaning they had the same amount of strength, speed, and conditioning and you gave them the same workout to do and had them do it for the same amount of time, but the only difference between the two guys was the amount of intensity each put into his training session, the guy that went H.A.M. the most would easily destroy the other guy in overall results.

For me, when I train my mind is always set on 110% H.A.M. mode.  This helps me make sure my intensity level is at it’s fullest. 

If there’s anything in life worth doing, you had better be bringing some major intensity to the table and be willing to go 110% H.A.M. in order to be the most successful.

V is for VIGOR – When I looked up the definition of VIGOR, this is what I got:

VIG – OR noun: healthy physical or mental energy or power; AKA – vitality.

Now there’s not much more I want in life then to have an endless amount of vigor!   What about YOU?

Basically when you combine everything I’ve hit on from above such as having strength, intensity, guts, and attitude and you put all of those to use in the right way, this is exactly what you want…


To have vigor in your life and with what you do is the ultimate result.

This is why you need to THINK about how most of the things in your life aren’t always about the physical end of things.

Everything you do starts out in your MIND, so it’s critical you start off with positive thought.  I can’t be anymore extreme with mentioning how important this is, especially when it comes to having a strong amount of VIGOR in your life!

E is for – EMOTION – Last but certainly not least is EMOTION.

Emotion is an important subject to talk about especially when it comes to accomplishing your goals and achieving success.

The reason for this is that when it comes to developing a set of goals that you want to achieve in life, make sure that these goals have some real meaning to you.  What I mean with this is to make sure that the goals that you have set out to achieve have a strong emotional attachment to you.

For example, if you were to achieve a certain goal you would feel extreme joy and comfort for having achieved it. Versus if you were to fail while trying to achieve this goal, you would be pissed, discouraged, and even depressed to the point that you would not be able to stand the feelings so you would do what ever it took to get your goal accomplished.

The important thing to note here is that emotion creates motion and if you can harness the power of your emotions, especially when it comes to creating and attacking your goals, you will become unstoppable!

So, next time you create a set of goals that you truly want to achieve, make sure that you have a strong emotional bond tied to the outcome of each of your goals.  Answer these questions…

WHY is it you want to achieve what you are setting out to achieve? 

HOW will you feel once you achieve it? 

WHAT if you fail?  HOW will you react then?

If you can sense a strong emotional bond within these answers, then you are ready.  You will have emotion to help fuel your journey because when it comes down to it, if you don’t have a strong sense of emotion for what it is you really want, failure will become acceptable and if that becomes acceptable, losing will become a common result for you.

No one wants to become common with losing…


So there you have it!  The A.G.G.R.E.S.S.I.V.E. Lifestyle Code.

Live it everyday and you’ll bring SUCCESS to your life in all forms!

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