I got a KILLER bodyweight workout for you below but before I get in to that, i want to chat about something I think is VERY important not to only your training results, but also to your results in overall LIFE.

I got a quick question for you…


What I’m asking is if YOU are doing everything you possibly can to get better OR are you just going through the motions??

The difference between a true CHAMPION and second place is often the LITTLE things in life that people continually pass up that they feel aren’t that important.

When it comes to training some of these little things are…

  • Going thru a proper warm up before training…
  • Writing down workouts and keeping track of past training sessions…
  • Staying FOCUSED during training sessions (not getting distracted by talking to others, checking cell phones, ect)…
  • EATING healthy at least 85-90% of the time…
  • Stretching post workout and around other free times of the day….
  • Sticking to a PLAN and not just “winging it” most the time…
  • Finally – Not pushing yourself to the limit – AKA you’re too damn easy on yourself!

That last little point there is CRITICAL and lots of us may overlook that tiny little detail.

When we get into a situation when we’re training, pushing ourselves hard, what do you do when it gets to be a little bit too tough???

Do you let yourself rest?  Do you cut things short?  OR do you push beyond that pain and give it everything you got???

Do you take it ALL THE WAY???

Sometimes we can be a little too easy on ourselves and when we add that up overtime, it comes up pretty HUGE in terms of what we’re missing out on overall.

This applies to all the SMALL things I mentioned above.  Take 100 small things and add them all up and you have a BIG problem that’s preventing you from getting your best results!

I thought I’d just share with you that often times, it’s the LITTLE things, like pushing yourself just a bit further time and time again that will make the ultimate difference!

Combine that with constantly making the right choices with all the small things and you’ll be golden!

Now, speaking of Taking it All The Way, I got a KILLER bodyweight workout for you that I hit up with my boot camp this past week.

We met up at the football field and peeps got to work!   I’ve got a lot of ladies that really get after it in camp and I give them a TON of credit for working their asses off!  Especially with this last workout.  There were a few that took it ALL THE WAY so for you guys out there reading this, you better have that in the back of your head when you’re wanting to quit or rest a little bit during this workout…

Push this one to the limit!

On a football field, at every 10 yard marker, you’ll perform the following exercises every ten yards then sprint to the next yard marker…

From the goal line – sprint to the 10

On the 10 – 10 Burpees

On the 20 – 20 Push Ups

On the 30 – 30 Vertical Jumps

On the 40 – 40 Ass to Grass Squats

On the 50 – Mountain Climbers (50 reps each leg – knee to chest)

Sprint the remaining 50 yards to the opposite goal line.

Once to the opposite goal line, turn around and bear crawl back as far as you possibly can go without letting your knees touch the ground.  Once your knees touch, you’re done!

Sprint back and repeat until time is up.

You’ll get 12 mins to get in as many rounds as possible.

I had 4 girls and 2 guys get a full 100 yard bear crawl in.  One girl got in TWO full rounds plus 2 full 100 yard bear crawls.

What you got?


Live Aggressive and Get Strong!