When it comes to blending up sprinting, bodyweight training, and building more muscle and shredding fat, there a few ways to do it RIGHT and a few ways to do it not so right….

In this post, I want to share with you how sprinting can help you build up more muscle while getting you leaner and meaner as well as share with you how sprinting can also be used simply for sport performance or AKA – getting FASTER.  There’s a difference…

I also want to add in my two cents on how to implement your bodyweight training in the mix as well to help build up more muscle and strength.

What made me think about sharing this post with you was from the other day when I was at the football field running sprints and hills, I observed a football team training and could hear their coaches yelling at their players….

They were no doubt working these kids hard!

It’s almost football season so that’s a good thing, but what’s no good is the fact the coaches where conditioning their players, NOT making them faster.

They were screaming at them, “You want to get faster?  RUN!” As well as, “We’ve got to get our team speed up!  Sprint at 100%!  Don’t be dogging it!”

Well coach, if you want them to get faster and run at 100%, you’re going to have to let them rest up a bit….

They were running 20 yard suicides with about a 30 sec break in between.  So they would run to the 20 and back 3 times, rest, and then go again.  This will get you in better shape but NOT make you faster…

Let me break down the difference between sprinting for pure speed and sprinting for fat loss / conditioning.

Sprinting For SPEED:

  • must use complete to near complete rest periods – this will allow the body to recover which will allow it to run at near 100%
  • you can use hill- both up and down, straight ahead sprints, agility’s, sleds, bungee cords, ect
  • sprint distances best used are usually between 20-60 yards running at 90% or better
  • reps are in the 5-10 rep range and NO more
  • frequency of these speed sessions are 2 to 3 at the most per week

The key to sprinting for SPEED is to run at near maximal speed each rep.  When you’re tired, you’ll not be able to run at maximum or near maximum speed so what happens is you run slower when tired.

If you train fast, you’ll get faster.  If you train slow, you’ll get slower…


Sprinting For Fat Loss / Conditioning

  • use incomplete rest periods – better to perform reps when tired to push work capacity
  • can use hills, straight sprints, agility’s, sleds, prowlers, partner bands, ect – hills are actually a GREAT way to add on more muscle to your lower body
  • distances used can be 10-100 yds.
  • Depending on athlete and sport or goal, 200m-800m runs can be used also
  • reps can be around the 5-20 range depending on goal and distance used
  • frequency for these session would be 2-3 times a week
  • using incomplete rest and doing more sprint training more frequently during the week will increase the amount of fat you burn

It’s important you know the difference so use your sprint workouts accordingly!

Now, I’m also huge fan of blending in bodyweight training with my sprint and conditioning work.  It’s easy as all you need is your own body.  I’ve discovered a football field close to my gym that has a pull up bar right next to the football field so now, basically every bodyweight movement I really ever need is right there for me to use!

There’s another football field that has lots of trees surrounding it so for that one, I simply use a branch to do any pulling movements with.  I’ll also bring a TRX or Rope and sling it up to the tree if I want to do any types of TRX movements or rope climbs.

I typically do my sprint training first depending on if I’m working on speed or max speed training.  For that, you want to be fresh.   After i hit my speed work, I hit up the bodyweight circuits and strength work next.

If I’m going for conditioning, I’ll either blend in sprints with my bodyweight movements or hit sprints at the end of my workout.

Bottom line, you need to find a way to WIN no matter what, but at the same time, you want to be doing things right depending on what your goal is.

Use everything around you to get the job done and with all situations, avoid having to use EXCUSES, just find a way to win  😉

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!

PS – Speaking of finding a way to win, the team I played for last year in Brazil, The Cuiaba Arsenal have started their title defense!  Thus far, they has protected the trophy!  I know they give much credit to the strength, power, speed, and agility they’ve gained over the off season to the training program I wrote up for them last summer that they used all off season.

Many of players gained lean mass and dropped huge percentages of bodyfat all while getting faster, stronger, and more explosive.

They did this by following my proven system for success when it comes to blending sprinting and bodyweight training all together into one program.

I’ve got the equipment free plan all laid out for you in Project: Mobile and Hostile!

If you’re an athlete –this is a perfect option for you to blend in with your heavy strength training or use as a stand alone system.

If you’re just a serious fitness enthusiast – this would be the perfect guide to help you get shredded, strong, and more athletic by using just your bodyweight!

Make NO MORE EXCUSES!  When all you have is your own bodyweight, you can still get the job done!