For this week’s Thursday Throwdown, it starts off a bit slow but it gets tough quick!

You’ll be hitting a pull up ladder with a single arm snatch.

This is an awesome pairing of movements.

Pull ups are a HUGE weakness for a lot of people so this throwdown should be a nice little test.

If you can’t make it over 5 rounds, you need to be reading up this article I posted about How to Do More Pull Ups!

Mike from Boston emailed me this the other day…

“Travis, I wanted to thank you for the blog post you put up about how to increase your pull ups and push ups!  After hitting it for a month cycle, I’ve increased my pull ups by 5 reps and my push ups another 15 reps straight!  I’m now hitting 12-14 reps straight up with pull ups and 55 straight with push ups!  I’ve never been able to do 15 straight pull ups in a row ever so I’ll let you know when that happens!  I’ll easily be able to crush my PT requirements now!  Thanks man for the info and awesome videos!”

Mike, you’re a badass!  Thanks and Great work bruddah!

Now, this Throwdown should be a great test for him and YOU!

So here’s how it goes….

You’ll be hitting a “Pull Up Ladder” where you’ll hit one pull up of ANY variation you choose, on the minute every minute.

You’ll add an additional pull up every minute.  So, on minute two, you’ll do two pull ups…  Minute three, you’ll do three, and so on….
Also, you’ll be pairing up your pull ups with a 1 arm snatch on each side.  You can do these snatches with ANY implement you choose.  I would pick a weight that is around your 3-5 rep max.  You want it to be heavy and challenging.  I went with a barbell loaded up with 75 lbs…

Here are some additional RULEZZZ…

  • you must complete ALL reps within the minute (pulls and snatches)
  • if you must, you can break your pull ups up – you’re a BEAST if you can go all sets unbroken…
  • chest must touch the bar on the pull ups

Check the video below…


I got 13 Rounds + 13 pull ups…  I’m not going to count a few of those as my chest did not touch the bar.

So my score would be:

Pull Ups = 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11 + 12 + 13 + 13 = 104

Snatches = 75 x 13 = 975

Total = Pull Up Score + Snatch Score (that sounds a bit sexual…) = 1079


So, there you go all you Thursday Throwdown Troops out there….

Hit this one up and see where you stand as far as your pull up strength endurance is concerned.

POST UP YOUR COMMENTS!  I want to see at least 5 hard core Mo Fo’s post up or we might have to skip next week.  Not seeing enough participation with comments, ect…

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!

PS – If you need to increase you strength on pull ups or your overall bodyweight for that matter, check out this post.


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