Often times people follow their strength programs all WRONG.

They either follow the same program too long.

This can be bad because if you’re following a periodized program that focuses on mostly strength for 6-12 weeks, you’re going to lose power and conditioning.

Same goes for if you were to tweak your program into a conditioning based program. You’re going to lose strength and power.

The next big mistake people tend to make is that they don’t follow any type of program at all. This is NEVER good…

In this video I discuss how I’ve gone about designing my own training programs as well as all of my athletes and clients programs as well.

It’s taken years of tweaking and testing, as well as learning from other top coaches from around the country.

As with everything, the focus is to always be improving.

Major Key Points:

Week 1 – Discovery – Form / Technique

Week 2 – Base Line Records – Increase Intensity


Week 4 – DELOAD

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Live and Train Aggressive!


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