One of my favorite ways to train is through Barbell Complexes.

barbell warrior

Barbell Complexes (or any type of complexes) are usually short, fast, and super effective at getting the job done.

You can train for multiple things at once with barbell complexes…

Strength, power, gains in muscle, fat loss, conditioning…

With all of the different ways, combos, and set ups you have with complexes, you’re options are pretty much limitless.

But, there are RIGHT ways to do barbell complexes, and there are WRONG ways to do barbell complexes.

And, with as powerful as barbell complexes are, I want to make sure that YOU do them right.

So, here’s Part I of a II part video series I did to help you out…

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The MAJOR Keys I go over in Part I of Barbell Complex Training Tips:

  • The #1 RULE for when it comes to Barbell Complex Training (NEVER Break this)
  • How many REPS and SETS should you do?
  • How many MOVEMENTS should you do?
  • How should you PROGRESS you barbell complexes?
  • Plus more!

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Live and Train Aggressive!

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