Now before I get into this blog post, I want to explain the difference between complex training and barbell complexes as there have been some peeps getting them confused…

Complex training, as I wrote about in my last blog post HERE is when you superset a heavy strength resistance exercise with a plyometric / explosive exercise to help the body adapt overtime to being more explosively strong.

Barbell Complexes on the other hand, are when you group up a series of barbell exercises together and do them in order without letting the barbell touch the floor.

I recently did a special video for one of my ELITE COACHING clients, Anthony (who’s KILLING IT BTW) and I wanted to share it with all of my hardcore followers here on my blog.

I think it’s important to have the right idea about how to perform a barbell complex because I know that lots of people out there tend to get these wrong.  In fact, sometimes it looks plain horrendous when I see some peeps trying to do a barbell complexe.  I can remember watching peeps way back when I was working at the BIG GLOBO GYM down the road…

To be up front, make sure you’re strong enough to do a barbell complex to begin with.  You should have these three strong points down:

1) You’re already strong with your own bodyweight – meaning – you can perform 30+ push ups, 10+ pull ups, and 30+ full range of motion bodyweight squats, plus complete lunges with ease.

2) You’re strong with all of the basic barbell exercises – meaning – you’re very good with deadlifts, RDL’s front and back squats, military presses, bent barbell rows, and your Olympic clean variations.

If you’re not familiar with most of these barbell exercises, don’t bother wasting your time doing barbell complexes.  Instead, focus in on getting good at each individual movements.

3) Lastly, You need to be TOUGH!  If you’re weak minded, barbell complexes will not work for you.  You’ve got to be prepared to battle through sets and brutal rounds when you’re tired, because your forearms and legs are going to burn, you’re shoulder will fatigue, and you’re going to get way out of breath.  The key is to HOLD ON to the bar for the whole set.

There have been many times I’ve had to set the bar down during a complex and this is NO GOOD!  I need to personally toughen up and make sure I’m not letting that bar hit the ground!  You’ve got to battle through these sets for sure!

Now, check out the video below as I explain how to properly transition through a barbell complex.  You can apply this to any barbell complex you do!  The main focus is to use good form, stay within your means weight wise, and ATTACK the complex hard!


As I mentioned, I did this video for an ELITE COACHING client of mine and I’ve got to say I very impressed with his progress!  ALL of my ELITE coaching clients are seeing SOLID progress!  I proud of each and every one and I know they’ll continue to bust through their personal records, as well as continue to get LEANER and MEANER!

Let me know what type of questions you have about complexes!  Are there any specific type of complexes you would like to see?  Hit up the comments!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!