I want to congratulate the first Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight “Strong, Jacked, and Athletic Transformation” Winner!

When I first launched the program about 8 weeks ago, there were many people that entered but overtime, many people fell off track.  It’s sad to see but it’s totally normal with any program / challenge out there.  People don’t always stick to their word and follow through on their goals.  Those that follow through SEE THE RESULTS!

I got a few guys I want to show and talk about below…

The first is the overall winner of the challenge – Sam Portman, who absolutely crushed his workouts.  After 8 weeks he got even leaner and meaner by dropping his BF% and adding on even more muscle onto his frame.

You can see in his picks he’s ripped up a bit more by far!  More cuts and better muscle definition.  This is what Sam had to say…

This program is great for anyone; athlete or not everyone deserves the right to feel functional.  This program has made me seriously strong in a ‘real world’ dimension. I’m mobile, dynamic, and seriously conditioned. The integration of different training methods is seriously hybrid and it is well worth the effort.  For the first time in over 6 months my shoulders feel great. Being a rugby player this is so important for me. I’ve lost all my unnecessary size and have not a single bit of muscle unaccounted for. This program has not only helped my performance but has changed my outlook on strength training.

Now check out his testimonial video that also has some SICK highlights!


The second guy I want to point out to everyone for his efforts is none other the Larry “The Barbarian”.  This guy is a beast!  I first met Larry in my local boot camp in Omaha, where he started his journey towards getting stronger, leaner, and meaner!.  Since then, after getting on my system, he’s made some serious changes and has taken his overall physical strengths and conditioning to new levels!

Check out his progress pics below:

The biggest changes in the last eight weeks are an increase in strength, lean mass, and my waist slimming down. I felt stronger and could see a few changes in the mirror, but was pleased to compare the two pictures and see a real change. Thanks Travis for the program and thanks to my fellow BBB crew for keeping me motivated!!

Larry, you worked your butt off and I know you’ll continue to progress through my program!  He’s only 8 weeks into it.

For everyone out there reading this, stay tuned as I’ll be posting more pics as they come in on peeps progress on my system.

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Live Aggressive and Get Strong!