If you’ve been coming to my blog for a while now you would already know I like to throw some pretty crazy challenges together as I like to push my body to the limit and take things to the max.

This challenge I’m about to share with you will do just that IF you choose to take it on full force.

Check out the video first and then read below…


Here’s the “110 Yard Battlefield” Challenge:

AMRAP 12 min

Start on goal line and sprint to 10 yard line and do:

1 – Squats / Sqt Jumps x 20 – sprint 10 yards
2 – Push Ups / plyo Push Ups x 20 – sprint 10 yards
3 – Lunges x 20/leg – sprint 10 yards
4 – Burpee x 20 – bear crawl to opposite 40 yd line and repeat circuit cutting the reps in half until you reach the back of the opposite end zone..

Sprint Back to the opposite goal line and go again

As I  said in the video above, I got just about 2 rounds…

Now, with this type of workout, it’s up to you on how hard you go.  You can choose to do harder progressions with the different bodyweight movements or simply stick with the easier progressions.

For example, you can go with a basic bodyweight squat or throw in a prisoner hold with your arms behind your head to up the movement a bit, or even go into a full squat jump to incoproate some power which in a workout like this, will bring up the intensity big time!

This is a good conditioning workout non the less.  It will push you.  You’ll need a football field for sure so you can track your distance.

Give it a go and see how many rounds you can fit in 12 mins!  Let me know in the comments!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!