It’s time to step up or shut up!

Throwdown Thursday’s have officially begun and for those of you out there looking for a weekly challenge, this is it.

What ever I come up with in my crazy brain that week is the challenge we’ll be hitting on Thursday.

I want some major participation going down in the comments section with replies on your times and numbers in these throwdowns!  I’m looking for a lot of people to step up and take part in this!

I plan on giving some cool ass prizes away as well…  Shirts anyone?

The rules are basic, tune in to my Fan Page every Wednesday night to find out the Throwdown for Thursday and then hit it up.  Post your time and/or number for each Throwdown either on my fan page or in the comments section on my blog below.

If you’re up to it, go ahead and film yourself going through the throwdown and upload it to Youtube and post it up here.  Share it for the world to see!

There’s no shame in busting your ass but not being in the shape you want to be in!  That’s where the hard work factor comes in!

There’s ain’t no short cuts.  Just blood and guts!  😉

I’m looking forward to some badass performances.  Let’s take it to the next level!

So without further adu, here’s the first Throwdown Thursday workout…


10 Rounds of:

a) 5 x 1 arm DB Snatch x 60 lbs
b) 7 x Chest to floor Burpee
***Alternate arms each round

Get after it and post up your time in the comments below!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!