I’ve been getting a ton of questions through email, Youtube, and my
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Before we get into today’s Q and A, I wanted to quickly remind
everyone about the first Throwdown Thursday that I posted up
yesterday!  If you still haven’t checked that out and hit the
workout, make sure you do!

Now, time for some Q and A time!

I currently weight about 284 lbs on a good day and am around 23-25%
bodyfat.  I wanna get ripped, like sub 10% bodyfat in the fastest
time possible.  Where should I start and what do I need to be doing?

First thing you need to do is cut ALL the sugar out of your diet as
fast as possible.  It won’t be easy but if you want to lose that
weight fast, that’s the most important thing you must do other than
cutting out all the other bad processed sh*t as well.

Second, I would strongly recommend you get a solid meal replacement
to help get in all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs.  When you do this,your body works a whole lot more efficiently which will help you get results faster.

Third, you need to be training with weights or some form of
resistance training, like bodyweight 3 x’s a week focusing on full
body workouts
.  To speed up the process even more, throw in two or
even 3 high intensity interval days where your doing anywhere from
20-40 secs of ALL OUT cardio with 30 secs to a minute of rest for
20-30 mins tops.  Combine all of that together and you’ll be


Hey Travis sorry to bother you again!

does High reps and Low weight make a person lose muscle?

Yes and No – Yes if you perform workouts like this all the time
without adding in heavier lifting to change things up.  Over time,
you body will get used to lifting the lighter weights for higher
reps and adapt to getting better at doing just that.  Your body
won’t need all the extra muscle to lift light weights for high reps
so it will just get rid of it, and in exchange, you lose

BUT, It’s ok to do high reps and low weight (like in some of these
KILLER bodyweight workouts) but you’ll want to add in some heavy lifting at
least 1-2 times per week with deadlifts, squats, and overhead


Tried the hardcore hundred last night, the push/pull/squat/lunge
version. Just been looking at some others and wondered how often
you do them? I’m moving away from ‘weight training’ and more in to
functional training so just wondered how to avoid over training
when doing bodyweight stuff?

Thanks for reading and keep up the good vids,


Yo Gibbie, thanks for the question!  For this, to avoid
over training, make sure you’re listening to your body.  When you
feel tired and sluggish, is it because you’re lazy or are you just
fatigued?  If you’re just lazy, push through it.  If you’re fatigued, maybe let your body rest a bit.

It’s always smart to go hard for 2-4 weeks then take a deload / recovery week.  During these deload / recovery weeks all you do is LIGHT bodyweight movements mixed with lots of stretching and foam rolling.

If you’re a competitive athlete, I would have you work more on your
skills and get away from the gym and lifting for that time.  After
the week is over, you’ll be more than ready to get back in and really get after it!

The biggest problem most people have is they feel “More is Better”
so they never rest, never go easy, and therefore never see the
results they want to see.

Training is a give and take process – GIVE your body the exposure it needs to intense training then TAKE the time off to let it rest.

As for the Hardcore Hundred, those are great for finishers or
workouts by themselves.  I typically do them as a finisher to a full
body workout or sometimes, I do them on their own.  Just depends!
But overall, I usually only do ONE a week. 

Hey bro im already really lean and ive put on alot of muscle this
last year, how many cals should i be takin? im buying a 60 lb
kettlebell and doin german volume training. it’s kick ass you
should look into it.
but yeah around how many cals should i be eatin im 17?


First off, you’re 17 years old so EAT EAT and EAT!  Especially if
you’re lean.  I’m kind of an old school guy and never prescribe a
certain amount of cals to take in.   Everyone is different in we all
have different metabolisms, body fat %, and certain levels of
activity per day so I don’t prescribe a certain amount of cals.
Plus I HATE to keep track and I would never want my clients to be
counting their calories each and every day at every meal unless
they were competing in bodybuilding, then it’s way different..

I say try to be consistent by writing down what you eat, and tracking
your progress.  If you’re getting leaner, keep it the same.  If you’re gaining muscle, keep it the same.  If you’re getting fatter, cut back  on how much you’re eating.  And, If your NOT gaining weight, increase  what you’re eating. You just have to feel it out.

Also, if you’re going to be doing german volume training (sets of
10 x 10), you had better be eating a freaking sh*t ton because that
will burn cals like crazy!  Lots of volume will cause lots of breakdown in your muscle so you’ll have to be feeding them like a rabid beast on a feeding frenzy!  No joke!  I’m talking steaks, eggs, chicken breast 4-5 times a day! All RAW!

No, just kidding! Make sure to thoroughly cook your food 😉

Something I’ve been prescribing to my younger athletes and clients,
plus I’ve taking it myself to make sure we’re getting in enough vitamins
and nutrients is Athletic Greens.  All you do is drink it in the AM with your morning breakfast and you’re set!


That’s it for this week’s Q and A Friday!

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Live Aggressive and Get Strong!