It’s Thursday Throwdown number 2!

This Thursday Throwdown was tough as I took a highly complex dumbbell movement with the dumbbell hang squat clean press and coupled it up with a classical upper body strength movement with the wide grip pull up.

A great pairing for sure and one that will put you to the test none the less.

This week’s Throwdown:

Complete 10 rounds in the fastest time possible of the following two movements:

a) 50# DB Hang Squat Clean Press x 5

b) Bodyweight Wide Grip Pull Ups x 5

I beleive I finished in just under 10 mins (which was my goal from the start).  Next time I hit this I want under 8 mins….


Let’s see what YOU got!  Post up your RESULTS in the comments!  If I don’t get enough peeps hitting these throwdowns and posting their results, I’ll just keep these to myself and my ELITE COACHING clients, so speak up and let everyone know how you threwdown!

There’s ZERO shame in getting a bad score.  In fact, there’s NO bad scores out there other than if you DON’T post your score.  What good is it to do if you don’t plan on sharing with the world?

Man the F*ck up, do the Throwdown and post up your results either here on my blog in the comments below or over on my Fan Page.  If you want, video tape it and post that up as well!

Let’s continue to get ourselves stronger, faster, LEANER, and MEANER!  Keep the EXCUSES at the door and go H.A.M.!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!