It’s another Q and A Friday!

I’ve got a solid line up of Q’s!  Please make sure to leave any other Q’s you might have in the comments!

Have you ever heard about Intermittent Fasting (IF) and does it work?

Yes!  In fact one of my good buddies, Dan Go is working on a top secret project as we speak all on IF.

I know this style of eating works and works well!  In fact, I’m going to give it a go after I complete my own “Project X” that’s happening right now.

To save time, just head over to Dan’s blog to check out the latest he’s posted up on IF…


Whats your views on Cardio and building muscle. Does cardio burn away muscle? Does being lean mean you need to do cardio often?

YES – Too much cardio can end up burning away muscle.  Just look at the difference between a marathon runner and sprinter.  Most marathon runners have very little muscle tone as most opt to totally skip resistance training which blows my mind!

I’ve got a ton of guys and gals that train in my boot camps that do multiple races a year and they have all improved their race time by increasing the amount of resistance training and actually decreasing their road miles!

Bottom line, to avoid getting your muscles burned up, make sure to add in at least 2 resistance training days using medium to heavy loads a week to help retain muscle mass.  This will also help increase your strength which will ultimately improve overall performance.


What up Travis,  I appreciate your videos and blog post and workouts very much!  My question is about how you eat chicken all the time (Do you only eat this meat) and how do you get in all your vegetables?  I hate eating vegetables and am never home to make them.

I can’t just eat chicken!  I would go insane quick!  I like to try and mix it up as best as possible.  Some days I’ll have ground turkey breast, pork chops, or ground beef or bison.  I would have to say the ground bison I get from Whole Foods is the best but it gets expensive!

As for getting vegetables into my diet, I too have a problem sometimes as I’m running all over hell between meetings and training so I’ve been using Athletic Greens for the last 4 weeks or so.  I feel pretty darn good!  My energy is way up but I’m still trying to get most of my veggies through real food!  I would say if you have no other option, Athletic Greens would be an awesome add in to make sure you’re getting all the vitamins and nutrients you need.

My biz partner Joe and I like to mess with our clients and tell them it’s “algae water” and they believe us!  LOL!


hey travis – been loving your vids! tell me .. how many workout days do you have each weak – how many off days do you have each week?

This depends.   Back when I was preparing for the Crossfit Games Regionals, I was doing 3 days on with 2 workouts a day with one day off.  That’s ok to do IF you’re in food enough shape to handle that kind of volume.  Plus I only trained like that for about 6 weeks leading up to the regionals.

Right now, the last few weeks I’ve been hitting an on going cycle of 1 day on, one day off with sprint days on my off days IF I am feeling good.   If I feel bad, I foam roll and go through an extended stretch routine.

For the most part, I recommend you do 3 days per week IF you’re doing full body workouts mixed in with some sprint intensive / high intensity cardio days in the middle IF you’re trying to get lean and mean.

If you’re trying to gain mass, I recommend you do an upper, lower, full body 3 day split during the week or just repeat that cycle taking off days in between all of your workouts.

I’ve got a new program I’m calling “Secret X” for now that I have mapped out on paper that is going to be absolutely SICK that will follow a unique weekly schedule!   That will have to wait…

For now, I’m starting a new program called The Superhero Workout that my buddy, John Romaniello has recently developed and will be releasing sometime next week (keep your eyes and ears open for that!)

Just to let you know, John stole my idea….  LOL!  Just kidding  He beat me to it and created a f*cking SICK program….  He’s quite the Villain!  Literally…


Travis just curious, what’s your height, weight, and body fat?

Not sure!  I haven’t checked my bodyfat since I left the corporate gym I worked at about 2 years ago!  I believe the last time I weighed myself, I was at 182 on the dot and somewhere around 5 ft 7 on a good day….


Travis, are you coming out with T-Shirts??  If so, I want one!!!


Make sure to leave a comment if you’re interested in getting one!  Will have a pre-order link soon!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!