I’m all about throwing in a nasty “metcon” here and there for some extreme conditioning and a nice challenge.

BUT, be warned, you don’t want ALL of your workouts to be like this as you’ll fry yourself out overtime and actually lose strength.

With this type of combination circuit or “metcon”, you’ll want to separate it out during your training week while still focusing in on HEAVY strength work on other days using lower reps ranges around 1-5 reps.

I get a lot of people that simply do metcons and high intensity circuits 4,5,even 6 days a week and ask me why thier not getting stronger…

LIFT HEAVY shit too!

I just wanted to make that point before we go on….

Back to talking about this NASTY combo,  a quick circuit or superset using this type of set up is great to use 2 maybe 3 x’s a week at most IF you’re trying to stay and get strong.

If you’re going for pure MASS and STRENGTH, I would lay off these.

Call this workout Crossfit if you will, I’ll call it a NASTY combination of movements!

Kettlebell Thrusters and Rope Climbs.  Two SERIOUS movements!

For the Thrusters, you’ll hit 21, 15, and 9 reps while alternating in 3 rope climbs between the thruster sets.

If I ever found a person that could do 21, 15, 9 for both rope climbs and KB thrusters, I know this person would have hands of pure steel and a grip like a vice!  They would be a FREAK for sure!

The rope climbs DESTROY your hands and grib!  Not to mention they tear up your lats and back as well! A great back building movement for sure!

If you don’t have access to a rope, find a pole.  If you can’t find a pole, make your own rope like my boy Joe Chizek and I did way back when we didn’t have a rope:


Make NO EXCUSES!  Find a way!

Here’s the NASTY COMBO in action….


Hit this one up if you can!

Also, please leave a comment!  Let me know what types of training you would like to see next!