When it comes to doing DIRECT ab and core work, sometimes it’s tough to fit it in to your regular training sessions.

YES – you should be getting in a ton of core infused work with a lot of the different movements you’re already currently performing within your sessions right??

That is if you’re doing the RIGHT movements….

To name a few, I’m talking about  deads, front squats, overhead presses, all the Olympic lifts, sandbag and kettlebell work, bands, and tons of bodyweight movements.

But doing just those isn’t always enough!  Sometimes you have to fit in some HARDCORE and DIRECT ab work.

Insert your AB FINISHERS!

Ab finishers are great at getting in some heavy duty core focused work in on your abs.  I like to throw these in at the end of my sessions.  There’s a TON of different ways I do these.

What I try to focus in on doing is to implement specific muscle groups or movements in with my ab finisher.

So if I just did an upper body focused day, I would try to implement more upper body focused ab movements into my ab finisher.

Same goes for if I just did a leg focused day.  I would implement more leg focused ab movements.   Or, if you did a FULL body day, just focus in on finishing off with some full body core movements.

Make sense???

You have a lot of different options.

For this particular ab finisher, I just had an UPPER BODY focused day so I finished off with some UPPER body focused ab movements.

So what do I mean by “upper body focused” ab movements??  These are basically ab variations that utilize more use of the upper body.  So you’ll be working your abs, chest, back, triceps, and shoulders quite a bit with each movement.

The reason these work so well is you get a little more work done for your upper body and you get some more core focused work done for your abs.

You kill two birds with one stone!

Here’s a KILLER Upper Body Ab Finisher:


Hit 4 Rounds of:

1A) Dip + Leg Raise x 15

1B) Wheel Rollouts x 15

1C) Power Wheel Hand Walks x max Distance

This is just one of MANY different variations!

Go ahead and COMMENT in to let me know what type of other Ab Finisher you would like to see!

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