Not sure if you do any type of INTERVAL training or do timed workouts much but, I’m a HUGE fan of interval training.

Especially when you’re trying to either STAY LEAN or GET LEAN, interval training is a must!

If you’re an athlete, it’s great for increasing strength endurance and overall conditioning.  If you just love to train, it’s good to use as a nice challenge to throw in with your normal routines.

With intervals, you typically choose anywhere from 3 up to 10 different movements and perform them in a circuit type fashion.  Rather than perform for reps, you go for time.

I like to mix up the different types of work-to-ratio set ups.  Here’s a basic breakdown of the different types of set ups I use and what you would typically be training with each work-to-rest ratio:

  • 8/ 12 – Max Speed / Power
  • 15/ 30 – Max Speed and Power
  • 20 / 10 – (Tabata) Conditioning
  • 30 / 15 – Conditioning
  • 30 / 30 – Strength
  • 40 / 20 – Strength / Conditioning
  • 50 / 10 – Conditioning
  • 60 / 15 – Conditioning (being insane)

What I typically do when I interval train, depending on the work to rest ratio is focus on trying to hit either the same amount of reps or more each time within the work period when I hit the same movement again.  Doing this puts some pressure on you to perform a little bit harder vs. if you were just training with no time period.

The interval I hit below was NOT easy!  I hit 4 rounds of the 5 following movements…  Round 4 was tough!

I got some highlights below:


1A) Overhead Squat

1B) Battling Rope Side to Side Slams

1C) Kettlebell Clean and Press

1D) Battling Rope Twists

1E) Power Snatch

1F) Plank Hold on Med Ball

The last movement was a nice chance for me to rest a bit.  I consider that “active rest”.

Overall, this is a SOLID interval to hit for a little bit of power and lots of conditioning!

Go ahead and let me know in the comments what types of INTERVALS you like to throw down with!

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